Exercising for Healthy Hair

Now I know we all do not like to; "sweat our perms out", deal with shrinkage (naturalistas), or sweat in our weaves lol, but it is important to add exercising to any healthy hair care regimen. Exercising increases blood flow, decreases the amount of toxins that can be harmful to the hair and body, reduces acid build up, keeps you vital and limber, increases strength and energy, and reduces stress levels. Here are some key exercises that can lead to healthy and sometimes longer hair:


1. Intense Cardio - Aerobics, running, and dancing are all great ways to have an intense cardio workout session and can improve the health of our hair by removing toxins from our systems and increasing blood circulation throughout the body. Sebum is also released which can prevent your hair from drying out.

2. Making a trip to the Sauna - This is not a real exercise but aids in releasing contaminants in the system to maintain healthy sebum.

3. Poses and Backbends - Inverted backbends and poses can increase blood circulation in the scalp. In addition, tight muscles can decrease the blood flow to the scalp. Poses and backbends are perfect remedies for this condition because they relieve tension in the back and neck which also improves the health of the hair.

4. Stretching It is important to stretch regularly. This method of exercise reduces acid build up, improves posture and keeps you vital and flexible, and increases blood and oxygen circulation which also leads to healthier hair

5. Stay Active -Overall staying active increases endorphins thus decreasing stress. Elevated stress can cause unexpected hair loss and breakage so it is important to stay active to decrease the side effects of stress.

Basically, staying active is essential to any healthy hair journey along with proper hair care, diet, and maintenance. Many of our clients who have increased the amount of time they spend exercising have achieved an increase in growth (up to 1 inch per month) and thickness!