About Us

Who We Are

We are Robert Ramsey and Leroy Shye of Albany Oregon. RL Performance Lighting, LLC was born in 2011 as we were searching for a business venture that could capitalize on Robert's vast knowledge in the Automotive/Truck and Heavy Equipment industry, plus Leroy's expertise in business operations and technical topics.

Our Vision

In Early 2011 we saw a huge problem in the new LED Lighting market, it was not problems with the products but more so the cost. Sticker shock was making it very difficult for the average consumer to take advantage of this new technology hitting the market. We knew that new technology and demand would make for a higher introductory price but COME ON!!! Three years in and a 40" Light bar with a fancy name was still well over 1000.00!! Work lights were 150.00-500.00, RIDICULOUS, especially when we found that the vast majority of these big name brand lights were being built in China.

Some of these companies assembled their lights in the USA with Chinese parts but the simple truth is that the LED Chips and electronics are all made overseas in Taiwan, Germany, Japan, China, etc. China is the Lighting Capitol of the world, some of the highest quality LED products come from China. Unfortunately there are also 1000's of companies in China producing very low quality copies like what you find on Ebay and Amazon for 1/4 the cost of the good products.

That prompted us to start looking for the Manufacturers that were producing the high quality lights we were seeing here with a USA company name. We spent many months researching and buying samples, negotiating with manufacturers until we found a select few companies who would build us a premium product, that is when Leroy and I formed RL Performance Lighting LLC.

Every model we carry is tested by us before we add it to our line, to make sure it is the quality that we would buy and that the price is what we would be comfortable paying. Almost all of our lights have substitutions made by us that the competition does not provide because of cost. These include optical grade high impact poly carbonate lens material, powder coat instead of paint, Osram LEDs instead of Epistar, Digital stabilized LED drivers instead of capacitor-regulator,etc .All of these substitutions add up to Higher Lumens per watt, lower current draw, cleaner beam patterns, cooler running, and longer lasting lights. This is what sets our lights apart from our competitors. We have chosen to spend a little more for the highest quality products and spend less on unnecessary flashy advertising and packaging that does NOTHING for the product, this is why we have a record breaking low return rate and our trademark 14.7 year manufacturers defect warranty.

RL Performance Lighting LLC is a family owned and operated business. We do not claim that our products are made in the USA. Our products are manufactured overseas because we simply cannot build like and kind in the USA for prices that the average American consumer can afford. Our goal is to provide quality products that you the consumer can afford. Leroy and I are hard working Red-Blooded American family men who know what the value of a dollar is. So when it comes to spending those dollars, we like to get the most out of it, we hope that you will find that value here at RL Performance Lighting LLC.