Implant Extraction System

The First System On The Market Patented By BTI For Safe Extraction

Extractor Kit

Five exclusive extractors indicated for the extraction of osseointegrated implants when they are no longer functional or are unnecessary in a new prosthetic situation.

Trephine Drill Kit

An atraumatic trephine drill kit for an ultrafine cut to release the area with maximum osseointegration, preserving the surrounding bone, only drilling the first 3 millimetres.

Extractor Kit Parts

Counter-torque Wrench, 200 Ncm.

Counter-Torque Wrench with that breaks the connection between the bone and impact, making the extraction process easier. When torque over 200 Ncm is applied, the wrench snaps at an angle to prevent excess force. The wrench is reset back to its original position using a cylindrical component in the kit.


Five parts with varying widths and lengths to adapt to the range of implants on the market. If necessary due to the depth of the connection, they can be cut to size using a diamond disc cutter. The extractors are disposable to ensure maximum performance.


Handle to carry the extractor once the extender has been fitted.


Set of counter-torque wrench extenders (long, short, extra long) for different clinical situations.

An Easy And Precise Procedure

1. Choose the appropriate Implant Extractor Drill

Choose the right extractor for the shape of the internal and external implant connection.

2. Manually insert the extractor drill

Insert the extractor in the implant thread, using the handle-adapter, ensuring it fits in an anti-clockwise direction.

3. Connect the counter-torque wrench

The  counter-torque  wrench to the Implant Extractor Drill and turn the wrench anti-clockwise

4. Gently apply torque

Apply torque gently in an anti-clockwise direction until the implant is fully extracted.

If the torque of the counter-torque wrench (200 Ncm) is not sufficient for the extraction, reset the wrench and reattempt the extraction a maximum of three times, maintaining the torque for a few seconds before releasing. If the implant can still not be extracted, drill around the neck of the implant using a trephine drill to a depth of 2-3mm and repeat the implant extraction process.

Trephine Drill Kit (sold separately)

Cylindrical and hollow drills to cut the bone surrounding the implant. They are delivered in four different diameters, depending on the width of the implants:

• Tiny: FTEX37-5
• Universal: FTEX43-5
• Universal plus: FTEX51-5
• Wide: FTEX57-5

Trephine Drilling To The Millimetre

Trephine drilling 2-3mm can reduce maximum torque to less than half, helping to break the implant-bone connection and increasing extraction success.


They allow an ultrafine cut along the first 5 millimetres because they are narrower at that level, preserving the surrounding bone. This is particularly important in the case of resorbed maxilla.