Chef Laura will customize a menu that is perfect for your family, dinner party or special event. Take a look at some of her sample menus and INDULGE your taste buds….

Holiday, Wedding & Formal Dinner Party Menus

Looking for a personal chef that will bring your romantic and elegant vision to life? INDULGE provides impressive menus that will help create the memorable day you desire.   Different than a caterer, a personal chef creates a more interactive and intimate experience, plus the food is all cooked on site.  So instead of a meal being delivered in chafing dishes, we plate the food to serve right after it's cooked making it look more fresh and vibrant in color.  

Dinner Party Menu (NEW)

2021 Summer Menu (NEW)      

Fall & Winter Menu

Spring & Summer Menu

Hors d'oeuvres Menu

Looking for a selection of small tastes, INDULGE prepares elegant and delicious appetizers that will appeal to any crowd.  

Spring & Summer Hors d'oeuvres Menu

Fall & Winter Hors d'oeuvres Menu

Party Menus

Bring a gourmet restaurant experience to your home with these modern menus. Add a signature cocktail, a custom dessert and stylish tablescaping to enhance the event.  We can help with any rented items you may need as well.  

Barbecue Bash

Sample Buffet Menu - Light budget option

Italian Bistro

Latin Menu

Fall Harvest

Classy Brunch


Breakfast Menu

Weekly Menus

We provide weekly meals for individuals and families who love the convenience of freshly made meals.  We can accommodate all menu and dietary requests. INDULGE is especially passionate about helping people heal their bodies with a balanced and healthy diet. Our next venture is creating a more customized meal program for those facing degenerative diseases, through a movement called "healing with food." So whether you are diabetic, have cancer or maybe just need a more aggressive diet plan, we are here to help you heal your body with food. Please visit for more information. Take a look at what we offer:

BeneFIT Bowls - healthy meals delivered fresh to your home filled with fresh and seasonal ingredients.  They are gluten free, high in fiber and protein and have no chemicals or preservatives. No subscription required.  

Weekly Meals Menu

Sample Weekly Menu

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