Frequently Asked Questions

How much are additional pizzas?

Additional 1-topping 16" pizzas are $13.00 each. 

Can we order additional pizza the day of the party? 

We will try to accommodate any request; however, the pizza order should be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance of the party.

Where do you get your pizza from? 


Is the Birthday child counted towards the total number of participants?


Are adults counted towards the total number of participants?

Guardians/parents are not counted towards the total. (2-3 avg guardians/parents per paid admission.)

Can I bring in my own food & beverage?

BooKoo Bounce is a full-service facility, so no outside food or beverage is permitted unless prior authorization from the owner is given. Typically, a small sandwich/vegetable tray for adult consumption is permitted. Please, no outside cooked food is permitted under any circumstances.

How early should I arrive before my party?

Arriving 5 minutes before your party is completely adequate.

How much is the deposit for a party reservation?

Deposits are $100.00 per party.

Do you take reservations on the phone? 

Yes, using Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Is the party a private party?

Yes, other parties are not allowed into your arena or party room. The private and exclusive nature of your event is what separates BooKoo Bounce from other children’s entertainment venues.

How far in advance should I book my party?

6 to 8 weeks advance reservations should allow for you to pick the date/time that works best for you and your guests.

Are deposits refundable? 

Party Deposits are NON-refundable.

Can I bring themed decorations?

Yes, of course! - The BooKoo Krewe can assist in decorating the party room for you while you are in the arenas. Helium balloons MUST be weighted down because kids freak out when they float away and they damage our A/C system. 


Designated area to attach banners/decorations is to the party room window-frames, logos or figurines

                                     ***  GLITTER IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED  ***

What is the maximum number of participants?

For a single party, more than 25 children tends to make for a crowded party room. Larger parties are encouraged to reserve the entire facility (Double Party). Ask us about pricing for rental of the entire facility for a Double Party.

What is the ‘gift’ for the birthday child?

A BooKoo Bounce nylon backpack and a BooKoo Bounce sports squeeze bottle with candy inside.

What is the “party favor”?

A BooKoo Bounce sports squeeze bottle with candy inside. Kids love them and they're good for FREE soda fountain refills during Walk-In Play hours.

How do I find BooKoo Bounce?

From Clearview Pkwy. take Citrus around the "S" curve to Edwards Avenue. Go two blocks on Edwards then take a left onto Blessey Street. BooKoo Bounce is the big purple, orange, and teal building on the right at 5604 Blessey Street

What is the appropriate age for BooKoo Bounce participants?

BooKoo Bounce participation is normally determined by size and maturity more than age. However, the average age of the active participants is 18 months on up to around eleven (11) years old.

Does BooKoo Bounce serve food?

We have a concession stand offering liquid refreshments and typical concessionary items. However, we can order a 16" Domino's Pizza at your request for $13.00 + tax.

How long is the party?

Our parties are 2 hours in length. The first 40 minute period is spent in the first play arena and the next 40 minute period is spent in a second play arena. The third and final 40 minute period of the party is inside of your private party room where the pizza and cake are served and to sing "Happy Birthday".