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Why Conversational Copy Gives Your Real Estate Blog A Competitive Advantage
By Nithya_CML


We all went to school.

We all sat through similar English classes where we were taught the ins and out of spelling, grammar, and formatting.

We were all programmed to write in the same formal manner.

Unfortunately, that formal style of writing is one of the main reasons many of you are falling flat with your real estate blogs, websites, landing pages, and marketing campaigns.

The truth is, the style of writing that has been taught in schools and colleges for centuries will only serve to hurt the results of your content and campaigns. These days, you need to be able to create content that goes against the grain and grabs your reader in an unexpected way.

Enter the age of conversational copy.

In today’s post, I’m going to show explain:

  • The benefits of using conversational copy in your real estate blog

  • How to get over your fears of creating informal copy

  • What you can do to become a bad ass at creating conversational copy that converts

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The Benefits Of Conversational Copy

The content of your real estate website and blog is meant to be an extension of you. It needs to hook visitors instantly and keep them enthralled with your message and mission. It needs to convince them that you are a real person that really cares about them, their needs, and their problems.

Formal writing might present as professional but it is also dry and well….boring. It turns people off and makes you sound like every other fake ass real estate agent that wants to make is seem different but isn’t.

In contrast, conversational copy is:

  • Easier to digest

  • More enjoyable to read

  • More relatable for the majority of readers

  • Far more powerful at fostering connections with your readers

In order to make sure that your prose is people-friendly, you need to drop all the fancy vocab and keep things simple. Depressing as it is to think about, the average reading level U.S. readers is that of a seventh grader so big words are a big no-no. They won’t make you sound smart, they will just alienate people.

Stick It To Teacher

Remember when you were in school and your English teachers used to constantly correct your grammar?

Remember how annoying that was?

Remember how badly you wanted to tell them to get over themselves and shove it?

Well, here’s your chance to embrace your true voice.

I understand that writing in a conversational tone can feel unnatural at first. Especially, when you are writing something that is meant to represent you and your real estate business in a “professional” manner. However, your ability to embrace conversational copy could make or break the success of your real estate blog.

The great thing about creating conversational copy is that you don’t really have to think about it as much.

Go ahead and break all the rules! Start and end sentences with prepositions. Incorporate slang. Get. fast. And. loose. With. punctuation.

As an exercise, I suggest that you choose a topic that you would like to create content about. First, write a blog post the way you normally would. Then do a recording of yourself discussing the same topic as if you were talking to a friend or prospect. Share both pieces of content with trusted friends or colleagues and ask which they find more engaging, entertaining, and enjoyable. I am willing to bet, your conversational piece wins out!

Master The Art Of Creating Engaging Real Estate Copy

Learning to create powerful real estate content that can transform complete strangers into fans, followers, and customers takes effort.

Content creation is nauseatingly lucrative, but only for those that are willing to invest in learning how to do it right.

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