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Treadmill Marketing For Realtors
By Kokila Kothandan


Have you ever heard of treadmill marketing?


I'm not surprised because it's something I just made up haha!

If you are anything like me, you frequently feel like there simply isn't enough time in the day to work in your business, work on your business, be present with friends and family, and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is something I have really struggled with this ear and my health is what suffered the most.

Recently, I read committed myself to eating better and working out. Since I am a self-admitted cardio addict, I have been spending a ton of time on trails and treadmills. That is when I realized just how much of my digital marketing tasks could be done from my phone while walking.

In fact, I am actually doing this entire post while on a morning walk just to prove how possible it is to work while you work out.

If you would like an easy way to carve out more time in your day, as well as, propel your real estate branding and marketing this post is for you. Although I have been doing each of these tasks while walking, you can work them into other exercises like stationary biking or anything else that you can do safely while multitasking.


Brainstorm Content Ideas

The best real estate blog posts are the ones that appeal to the pain points of your ideal clients and paint you as the solution to all of their problems.

Before you can figure out what those are you need to clearly identify and define who your ideal client is.

HINT: the answer is not buyers or sellers! Let me know if you need help to define your ideal client and start identifying their pain points.

Once you know exactly what makes your ideal client tick, brainstorming real estate blog ideas is easy peasy my friend! In fact, you could realistically brainstorm 2 years' worth of blog posts in the time that it takes you to burn off breakfast.

Remember, in addition to offering real estate advice through your blog, you need to be providing readers with tons of hyperlocal content. For example, reviews of local restaurants and businesses, advice about schools, and tips on how they can live their best life in your area. Your goal is to become the digital mayor of your real estate market.

Need inspiration for your real estate content? Get 375 ideas here for just $27!

Outline Real Estate Blog Posts

A successful real estate blog post is never random!

The best way to make sure that you reach all of your important points and properly take your readers on a journey is to start with an outline. The more that you invest in building out detailed outlines, the faster you will be able to generate the body of each post. I have found that doing this is very easy from the comfort of a treadmill.

Start by taking the list of topics that you brainstormed earlier and turning each one of them into a post. If there was another article or piece of content that inspired the idea, make sure to keep it handy for easy reference on any points that you want to drive home.

Don’t forget to keep all of your headings relevant to the title of the post and close with a powerful call-to-action that is also relevant.

Create Canva Images

As you know, images are a very important part of Brandon both your real estate blog and business. Personally, I use Canva to graphically design and brand all of the Imaging that I use for my real estate copywriting business. Luckily, Canva offers a mobile app that makes it easy for you to create social media posts, blog covers, and graphics to include with your content on the go.

Schedule Social Media Posts On Tailwind and Buffer

The best way to populate all of your real estate social media profiles consistently with your content is to use a social media scheduling tool like Buffer or Tailwind. I use both of them!

Are use Buffer for all of my Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. Not only does it allow me to pre-schedule content for all of these different platforms but it also gives me analytics on how each post performs and allows me to re-post those that are successful.

Tell wind is essentially the same thing however I use it for my Instagram and Pinterest accounts. My Pinterest profile alone exploded from a mere 10,000 person audience to a 110,000 person audience in a matter of a couple of months. Obviously, this also led to a major explosion in my web traffic, email subscriber list, and lead generation.

Edit And Upload Podcasts

Your ability to edit and upload podcast episodes will depend on what software and apps you used to do that. Personally, when I am working on The Real Estate Revolution podcast I store all of the raw files in my Google Drive which makes it easy to transfer into the opinion app for editing directly from my phone. After I am finished editing I store the finalized episode back in my Google Drive and upload it to Podbean from there.

Answer emails

As you already know it is very easy for the inbox to get overwhelmingly clogged up over the course of the day. One of the most practical ways for you to lead gen, follow up, and stay on top of your correspondence is to tackle that inbox from the treadmill. I am a huge fan of using the Google suite so when I have an email that I need to follow up on all I do is add it to my Google to do tasks and work on them one by one while walking off all those calories. However, you can do whatever works for you as long as you’re getting it all done.

Engage In FB Groups

So many people don’t realize what a gold mine Facebook Groups really are. Facebook groups are an ideal way for you to network, promote your real estate content, learn from others' experience, and generate valuable leads.

If you don’t already belong to them, you should join any and every local Facebook group where the people in your market engage with one another. If there are none currently, this is your opportunity to start one. Additionally, look for real estate related Facebook groups (like this one) that will help you to grow your business by learning from one another.

Need Help With Your Real Estate Marketing?

No matter where you are in your real estate career, I will customize a plan to help you attract your ideal clients, stop paying for leads (FOREVER) and regain the power in your business. If you are ready to stop chasing leads and have high-quality clients chasing after you, book a free strategy call with me.