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The Real Estate Agent's Guide To Lucrative & Strategic Side Hustles
By Nithya_CML

Whether you are a brand new real estate agent, or have a few years under your belt, you are probably no stranger to being a bit short on cash.

If only they had told you when you decided to be a real estate agent, that it was going to cost you a fortune in fees, marketing, taxes, etc..

In this business, when things are great, they are really great. But when they aren’t, it can be really scary.

I know your friends and family think you sit around all day doing nothing and cashing fat commission checks for sticking a sign in a yard. The truth is, many of you are busting your asses and still have frequent feelings that you will never really get ahead.

You don’t want to quit and give up on selling real estate, but you also need to pay your bills.

So perhaps it’s time to think about picking up a side-hustle to supplement your income and relieve some of that stress.

To help you out, I have assembled a collection of side hustles that make the most sense for real estate agents that are still committed to building a successful career in this crazy industry.

All of these will provide you with additional income, with little to zero interference with your ability to tend to your clients and prospects.

Digital Side Hustles

Digital side hustles are great for real estate agents because they can be done from anywhere and they still allow you to have the freedom you need to run your business and live your life.

Real Estate Blogging

Straight up - real estate blogging can make you millions. Learn how and why in the video below!

Blogging is a real art and science, and it takes time, but it is mind-blowingly profitable.

How To Make Millions With Your Real Estate Blog | Sarah Layton | Real Estate Content Marketing

How To Make Millions With Your Real Estate Blog | Sarah Layton | Real Estate Content Marketing Did you know that you can explode your monthly income with your real estate blog?! Yup! Your real estate blog could be worth millions one day! In this video I am going to break it all down for you!

Take me for example.

I don’t spend money on marketing.

All I do is create loads of valuable content for real estate professionals and market it to them strategically and organically.

As a result, I regularly have real estate agents asking if they can pay me to write their blogs and content for them. And guess what?


The reason that this is working for me is because the content that I provide real estate agents in my blog is in their best interest. Therefore, you need to do the same thing if you want to attract agents or clients with yours.

Not only will having a real estate blog explode your income, it will position you as an expert, grow your team on auto-pilot, and you can do it on your own time (once you know how).

Affiliate Marketing

If you aren’t familiar with affiliate marketing, it is a partnership between yourself and merchants in which you share links to their products and services (like a referral) and earn a commission.

The amount you earn can vary from pennies to thousands of dollars per sale, depending on what you are helping to sell.

Getting started with affiliate marketing is great for anyone that is interested in earning passive income.

However, it can be time-consuming to get started. Unless, you sign-up to use my favorite new affiliate partner SkimLinks.

SkimLinks is great because once you sign up for an account, they automatically scan your website for potential linking opportunities and add them for you. Its fast, effortless, and lucrative.

You can get up and running in just a few minutes! Just sign up to be a SkimLinks affiliate here and you’ll be on your way to earning in your sleep.

Virtual Transaction Coordinator

If you are a newer agent that is still trying to get used to the swing of things, you may want to consider becoming a virtual transaction coordinator.

As a virtual transaction coordinator, agents would send you the executed contract, and you would handle all of the work that needs to be done from contract to close.

Most virtual contract to close assistants make an average of $750 per transaction. This is awesome because it’s like getting paid to learn how to be better at your job.

Attract Your Ideal Real Estate Clients With Niche Marketing | Real Estate Niches | Sarah Layton

How-to Attract Your Ideal Real Estate Clients With Niche Marketing | Real Estate Niches | Sarah Layton Today I want to talk to you about one of the most heavily debated concepts that comes up daily between real estate agents and myself: niche marketing.

To become a virtual transaction coordinator, you’re going to need to market yourself. This doesn’t call for anything too crazy.

I suggest that you set up a simple website or landing page to capture leads and then market your services on social media, through email marketing, and on job boards.

Again, you can dedicate as much time to this as you like, but at least you will still be working transactions and learning more about the job you plan to do full time.

Modern Side Hustles

There are plenty of modern side hustles out there that you can do, but most of them will distract you and take you away from your ultimate goal of building your real estate empire.

It is important that you keep your eyes on the real prize here.

I suggest that you stick to one of these two side hustles because both will give you plenty of exposure to real estate in your farm and allow you to interact and socialize with potential buyers, sellers, agents, and referral partners.

Drive For Uber

Back when I first started freelance writing, I was barely making enough to pay my bills, so I needed to supplement my income for spending and savings funds.

That’s when I started driving for Uber.

I’ll admit, as a twenty-something, remotely attractive girl, I was a bit nervous about this at first. But, I have to tell you, I am so glad I stuck with it because I made a killing in those few months for very little work, and you can too.

There were times I was making more than $100 an hour! There are people with Master’s degrees that don’t make anywhere near that!

I have actually met a handful of agents that love driving Uber because of the flexibility and the fact that they actually get clients from the riders.

Win-win right?!

You can even get a $200 Bonus just for signing up to be a driver here!

Deliver For Shipt

I love Shipt Delivery Service for several reasons.

Shipt is basically the Uber of groceries. Users sign-up, and place an order for the groceries that they want. You get the list, pick-up and drop-off the groceries, then collect your bounty and tip.

It’s a really easy gig that let’s you shake hands with potential clients and make money while doing it.

Again, I’d have to say that is a win-win!

Escape The Side Hustle

At the end of the day, I really don’t love the idea of you picking up a side hustle.

Ultimately, I prefer that you focus all of your time and energy into building your business and your team into something your great grandchildren can be proud of.

I understand that bills still need to be paid and food still has to find its way to the table.

I would like to help you escape the rat race and the trap of side hustles all together.

If you’re ready to find out what it will take for you to do that, let’s set up a free strategy call and I will share my best advice for you.

To book your call, send me an email (

How To Hire A Real Estate Content Writer | Sarah Layton | Real Estate Content Marketing Coach

How To Hire A Real Estate Content Writer | Sarah Layton | Real Estate Content Marketing Coach Hiring a real estate content or copy writer is the best way to grow your content library, business, website equity, and passive income.

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