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The Real Estate Agent's Guide To Instagram Influencer Marketing.
By Sharmila_CML


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Instagram is by far one of the hottest and most profitable platforms for real estate agents and other industry pros to build their business.

Every day I am seeing my clients experience dramatic results which are padding their pockets and giving them more and more market share over the competition.

Although it was like pulling teeth there for a while, most of you now realize just how beneficial and important it is to build up your content and following on Instagram. However, many of you are still struggling to make any significant progress.

One of the best ways to have a dramatic overnight success with Instagram is to collaborate with local Instagram Influencers.

In today’s post, I’m going to break down the basics of using Instagram Influencer marketing to promote your listings, and your business. Be sure to stick around to the end as well to get my free PDF to help you make the most of every influencer event!

What Are Instagram Influencers & Micro Influencers?

In a nutshell, an Instagram influencer is someone whose opinions and insights are not just closely followed by 20,000+ people but actually trusted. Most of them have a niche that their content targets like fashion and beauty. Microinfluencers are also very trusted and carry at least 10,000+ followers. Many influencers make six or seven figures by advertising products, services, and brands to their curated audience with a powerful endorsement.

How Can Instagram Influencers Benefit You As A Real Estate Agent?

Influencer marketing has become one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness, increase exposure, and attract new clients. However, many real estate agents and businesses are either unaware of the potential of Instagram influencer marketing or have no idea where to begin with it.

When you partner with an IG influencer, you can skyrocket your following overnight! As Instagram is one of the most popular platforms for middle-aged and Millennial adults, it is extremely important that you build a powerful presence there.

The larger your following on Instagram, the more likely you will be to obtain clients, referrals, and affiliate income from your profile. I have helped real estate agents, coaches, and investors just like you to attract their ideal clients using nothing more than strategies like influencer marketing but now it’s your turn so let’s dig into the details of how it’s done.

What Is The Best Way To Use Instagram Influencers To Market Your Listing?

There are a few ways in which real estate pros like yourself can leverage Instagram influencers to your benefit but my favorite is to host an influencer event.

Ideally, you would do this at one of your listings or a high-profile listing that you would like to attract buyers for.

Since you are most interested in attracting local people who are likely to buy or sell real estate with you, you need to identify a list of local influencers and micro-influencers to invite to your event. Your goal will be to get as many of them to attend as possible and then post pics, videos, and Instagram stories from the event.

When done correctly, the influencers can create a whirlwind buzz around you, your business, and that listing you’re trying to unload.

Using the search bar within the Instagram app, you can type in your location and you will find the most popular posts and Instagram users in that location. From there you can build out your list of influencers and micro-influencers (remember you want people that have at least 10,000 followers). It is always a good idea to have a combination of both to make the most of your event.

Reach out to each of them via Instagram DM with a genuine message and ask them if they would be open to attending your event as a collaborator.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Instagram Influencer To Promote Your Listing?

While there may be some occasions in which you will be able to snag yourself an influencer for free, you will usually be expected to compensate them in some way. That compensation can vary a great deal depending on the amount of followers the influencer has and the amount that they usually charge.

In general, you should be prepared to spend at least a couple of hundred dollars to each influencer to have them both attend and promote your event and business.

Since I know that many of you don’t have a few thousand extra dollars to devote to hiring local influencers to promote your real estate business, I have an alternative suggestion for you.

There is a badass company called Advertising Boost that allows it’s members to give away unlimited vacations to market their business. These are NOT timeshare vacays, just resorts that are eager to “get heads in beds”. The cost to be able to give these vacations away (or take them yourself) is less than $50 when you sign up using this link.

I strongly urge you to get yourself signed up as a member of Advertising Boost for that small monthly fee and offer the influencers a free vacation of their choice as compensation for promoting your open house event.

As an added bonus, you will also be able to offer those vacation giveaways to the people that attend your event, get pre-qualified at your event, or list their house with you. The ways that you can leverage those free trips to boost your real estate business are endless!

Oh, and you can bet that the people you give those free trips to will be happy to post to their own social media talking about the amazing trip they got from you; giving you even more free advertising!

Ready To Start Hosting Instagram Influencer Events?

Just like with any event that you plan on using for promotional purposes, you should always put your best foot forward for your Instagram Influencer events.

Remember, Instagram is a visual platform so make sure the venue, food, lighting, etc. are all visually pleasing and IG worthy!

To make promoting your event even easier on your influencers, pre-design a list of hashtags and important details that you want them to include.

I know that all of this can become overwhelming or seem complex, so I created this list of ways to make the most of your Instagram Influencer event.

It’s full of handy tips that you can refer back to anytime you launch a listing or decide to implement influencers in your real estate events.