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How To Spice Up Your Real Estate Emails With Video
By Sharmila_CML


With so much spam email floating around our inbox these days, it can be tough to figure out a way to make your emails stand out from the crowd.

This is especially tough for you as a real estate agent!

One way to effectively set yourself apart and entice prospects and clients to open your email is by including a video.

Videos are a quick, personal way to convey a message in a way that text just can’t.

In fact, when you start including videos in your emails you can expect to see:

  • Open rates boosted by 19%.

  • Click-through rates boosted by 65%.

  • Unsubscribes reduced by 26%

However, I don’t want you to just start randomly putting videos into your emails with a hope and a prayer to achieve results like those.

I want you to attack this tactic with proven strategies that will make it worth your time.

Using videos in your real estate marketing emails and newsletters is FAR more likely to be successful if you follow the guidelines I’ve put together for you today. Make sure you stick around till the very end today because I’ve got a couple of cool tools and resources for adding videos to your marketing emails and newsletters.

Make The Video Appealing

Placing a long, drawn out video into an email is not only a turn-off for your prospects, clients, and subscribers, but it's also a waste of your time because it likely won't be watched in its entirety.

I always want to encourage you to keep videos short and to the point, preferably less than one minute in length.

One of the main reasons that videos in emails are so successful is that the video content is easier for the recipient to consume that a long-form text email. Don’t negate that entire benefit by going on and on about things that don’t matter.

Some other ways to enhance your videos include:

  • Speaking clearly and concisely so the client can absorb all of the information you're packing into the video.

  • Ensuring your video has good lighting by recording near a window or using a professional lighting kit. You can get them pretty cheap on Amazon.

  • Utilizing fun props that display your personality and draw the viewer into the video.

  • Editing the video with a professional editing tool where you can add interesting text and graphics to make your video more enjoyable. (I’ll share some later.)

Grab The Client's Attention With The Subject Line

Buyers and sellers are bombarded with emails before and during a sale, making the subject line of your email the most crucial component. If the client doesn't open your email, they'll never see the video you've worked so hard to produce. Persuade the client to open the email with an attractive subject line that stands out while also letting them know there is a video included.

You might want to address the client directly by name alongside a bold statement like, "the markets hot- let's talk" or even get inventive by using things that seem out-of-place like lowercase letters or emojis. Be honest about a video being included in the email by placing the word "VIDEO" in all caps somewhere in the subject line.

In case you missed it a few weeks back, I’ve got a complete guide to putting together irresistible email subject lines that buyers and sellers CAN’T RESIST right here.

Tie The Video And Email Text Together

You want to reinforce the information conveyed your video by having the text reiterate what you've said. Keep the email text brief but eye-catching by highlighting the three most important facts from the video. Summarize these facts in a bulleted list directly below the embedded video.

Prior to the embedded video, include a short introduction that states both the intention (a.k.a. benefit) of the email and the length of the video. Being up-front with your client is the best way to build a strong relationship that will not only lead to a successful business transaction but also potential referrals down the road.

Create And Maintain A Strong Client Relationship

Including a video in an email can lead to higher open rates as much as five times higher! Just imagine having 5X more people looking at your listings or attending your open houses because of one simple change.

Clients that view an embedded video are also eight times more likely to reply back to the email requesting more information.

This friendly client relationship can be further built upon by speaking on some of your accomplishments in a non-pushy manner. A few ways to achieve this is by:

  • Providing links to your social media accounts where previous clients have left feedback.

  • Including a positive testimonial from another client within the email.

  • Enthusiastically conveying to the client what you have to offer for their particular situation.

Always Finish With A Call-To-Action

If the subject line is the most important part of the email, the call-to-action is a close second. This is where you encourage the client to reach out to you for more assistance. You want to be direct and assertive without coming across as aggressive or overbearing.

Exude confidence by gently leading your client in the direction you feel is best for the most-beneficial transaction. Instead of leaving things open-ended, give the client a reason to contact you by setting up a specific time to speak- either in person or over the phone. The video you've included should already have your client interested in more information, so this is the perfect time to capitalize on that by proposing the next step.

Key Takeaways

Consistency is key with email communication. Each email should follow a similar format in terms of layout and style. The ideal marketing email should include:

  • A catchy subject line.

  • A short, well-edited video.

  • A brief synopsis of the video's key points.

  • Proof of your credibility.

  • A strong call-to-action.

Clients that receive a marketing email with this format are 300% more likely to open it than emails that do not. Building a strong client relationship is well worth the time and effort it takes to include a video.

Tools For Success With Video Emails

Content Samurai - Strapped for time? Hate the way you look on video? Content Samurai is the answer to both problems because it will allow you to transform any written content into videos in a few minutes. However, if you are going to keep your face out of the video I beg you to at least use your voice to maintain that personal feel. Sign-up for a free trial here to test it out.

Fivver - Want to make sure your videos are extra polished and professional looking? Send your raw videos off to a freelancer on Fivver and have them edit it for you for just a couple of bucks. I suggest if you’re going to bother with this that you only do it on the videos that you will be able to use over and over again. You can find your freelancer here.

Magisto - The creation, distribution, and insights of your videos can all be handled with Magisto. When you sign up for a plan with them it is like getting a superhuman video editing team at your fingertips which can help add a layer of sophistication to your videos.

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