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How To Prevent Your Social Followers Media Followers From Tuning You Out
By Nithya_CML


In the beginning, getting followers on social media was fairly easy.

Everyone was so excited at the novel idea of being able to interact and build relationships through social that standards were low.

Times have changed.

Now, more than ever, you are actually encouraged to only follow people and content creators that truly interest you and provide value to you.

The reason for that is that each platform is desperate to capture and hold your attention for as long as possible. In order for them to do that, they need to make sure everything in your feed keeps you coming back for more. Therefore, the algorithms and features are all designed to be optimized for your personal preferences.

The same is true for your real estate prospects and ideal clients.

If you are putting out content that does not woo them, platforms like Facebook will actually encourage them to drop you from their feed. The more they interact with your content, the more likely they are to see future content you produce.

As it stands on the day that I am writing this, the FB algorithms actually dictate that the vast majority of everything that populates your feed comes from the ten people, pages, or groups that you interact with the most. This is one reason why so many of you are limping along in growth on your Facebook pages.

All that being said, it is going to grow increasingly more difficult for you to attain and maintain followers on your social media profiles. That brings us to the inspiration for today’s post.

Today, I am going to share time-tested and proven tactics for maintaining your audience base on any platform. Make sure you stick around till the very end to grab for my list of 31 Engaging Real Estate Social Media Posts to help you fill your followers’ feeds with juicy, lead-capturing content.

Listen And Pay Attention

Do you ever find yourself struggling with what to write in your social media posts?

If you want to have social profiles that win over the hearts of your ideal clients, you have to take the time to stop and listen to what they are asking for. The answers to captivating content have actually been in front of you the whole time.

Pop into groups and forums that contain your ideal clients and look at the questions and comments that they are posting.

What problems are they complaining about?

What goals are they sharing with you and the community?

These are valuable insights into the content that should be populating your own posts.

For example, if you notice a post with a long thread of comments with people debating a local issue, create a poll asking for your followers’ opinions on the same issue.

Keep Your Content Fresh

If you produce a limited library of tired content that you share over and over again your followers will grow tired of you for sure.

It’s okay to circulate older content here and there so that your newer followers have a chance to check it out. However, it can’t be the majority of your feed.

If you want to keep people interested in what you have to offer, you have to change up the offering.

The more fresh content you produce and use on your social media, the more people will be incentivized to follow you.

Make It Engaging

You can’t expect people to become engaged with your real estate content if you don’t structure it in a way to be engaging.

Many of the platforms like Facebook and Twitter have made it even easier for you to make your posts more engaging by allowing you to turn them into interactive polls and surveys, auto-playing your videos, etc..

You can read more about how to create more engaging content in this article and get my list of 31 Engaging Real Estate Social Media Posts below.

Variety Is The Spice Of Life

Again, variety is very important.

If you normally post real estate blog articles that show your followers how to do something, make a video showing them instead.

If you normally post one-liner questions, switch it up with a humorous GIF that communicates the plight of common situations that your followers can relate to.

It is also important to note that if you want people to follow you on multiple platforms, you need to provide different content on different platforms. You can’t reasonably expect people to follow you all over the internet in the pursuit of something they have already heard, seen, or read from you a million times before.

To that point, it is also a good idea to create certain pieces of content that are exclusive to certain platforms. For example, I create some articles and videos that are exclusive to the members of my Facebook group Blogging For Real Estate Leads.

Want More Help Creating Engaging Real Estate Content?

Your real estate blog, vlog, and podcast are the best sources for your social media feeds. However, it can still be tough to come up with fun and fresh ideas that will keep your followers engaged.

In order to cut down on all the writer’s block, I have created a list of 31 engaging real estate social media posts - download it for free.

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