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How To Create A Fan Frenzy Around Your Real Estate Blog
By Nithya_CML


My blog for real estate professionals is the mothership of my business.

It is the very reason that I don’t ever have to be bothered with all of the bullshit marketing gimmicks and costs that many real estate agents burden themselves with.

I use my blog to share valuable information, connect, and build relationships with the people that I want to attract to myself and my business.

In fact, building those relationships and connecting with all of you is my top priority in life right now, because it is the foundation of my business.

In the past, I have always disabled the comments section on my blog because I wanted to encourage people to reach out to me directly and engage through email, phone, or private messaging, and many of you have.

However, I realize that having an active comments section on your real estate blog is very important to many of you, and many of you are struggling to make that happen.

Having an active comments section on your real estate blog can be valuable if:

  • You want to build relationships with readers

  • You want to get new readers introduced

  • You want to extend your level of expertise

  • You want to improve your SEO

That being said, why wouldn’t you want an active comments section on your real estate blog?

The questions is, how the hell do you make that happen?

I’ve got the answer for you (don’t I always?)!

But as usual, before we dive into the deep end with all my juicy tips, I need you to do me a solid and subscribe to my YouTube channel or my podcast The Real Estate Revolution if you haven’t already yet so you can get video and audio versions of articles, exclusive interviews, and more actionable tips to explode your real estate business.

Thank you so much for doing that! It means the world to me!

Okay, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff.

Make Sure You’re Ready

This might sound overly stupid or obvious, but if you want to have tons of peeps piping-in on your real estate blog, you need to enable your comments section.

If you do not already have a user-friendly comments section on your blog, you will need to install one.

If your website provider does not give you one automatically like mine does, you should check out the Disqus plugin. It will allow you to sign in using your Twitter or Facebook account. Once you’re logged in, it will allow the comments to start flowing and many find it to be a huge time saver.


Disqus is extremely easy to install too, especially on Squarespace. For Squarespace, simply locate "Settings" , then click "Blogging", and insert your Disqus username under "Disqus Shortname". It's extremely simple.

Create Engagement Worthy Content

If you are not posting content that people actually give a shit about enough to talk to you about it, then guess what? They won’t comment on it because they won’t even read it!

The first thing you need to get readers commenting on your real estate blog is readers.

Make sure that every article you are posting offers insightful thoughts, entertainment, and actionable advice that will leave your readers feeling like they owe you something in exchange for all that you have given them.

Your content needs to actually be engaging if you expect people to engage with it, follow me?

The key to doing this successfully is to always make sure that the content is primarily about the reader and in their best interest, rather than your own.

Reply, Reply, Reply

If you go through all of the trouble to create engaging real estate content, post it to your blog, and market it, then fail to reply to your readers, you’re insane!

Do you know how hard it is to build a community of readers for your real estate blog?!

Don’t squander that away by failing to reply to comments.

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When someone says something negative, it is an AMAZING opportunity for you to start a deeper conversation and further your viewpoint. I’ve even picked up clients that stemmed from my replies to negative comments on articles I’ve written!

When someone says something positive, it gives you the chance to show how humble and grateful you are to have that person as a member of your community and convert them from a reader into an advocate of your brand.

When someone asks you a question, it is your moment to showcase yourself as the ultimate expert in your niche and promote other relevant content you’ve created to further cement your relationship and expand your reach.

You don’t need to reply right away, and nobody will expect you to. But check in once a day, or at least a few times a week and follow-up.

Add A Powerful Call-To-Action

If you want people commenting on your real estate blog, you’re going to need to give them a push.

Ask your readers a question at the end of each blog post, followed by a CTA to comment.

Keep the questions relevant to the topic, simple, and enticing.

For example, if you write an article about the best schools in your city, ask something like “What do you think is the best local school, and why?”

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Try to write a question that you would actually feel compelled to answer. The more provocative your questions, the more likely you are to start fanatical conversations that get your readers into a frenzy.

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