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How To Build A Smarter Real Estate Brand With Psychology
By Nithya_CML


How To Build A Smarter Real Estate Brand With Psychology

It is one thing to throw a logo and slogan together and it is something entirely different to build a real estate brand around core values, voice, and visuals.

If you want to develop real recognition and secure yourself a profitable position in your real estate market you need to develop a brand that you can live out loud.

What do I mean by that?

I mean that if your brand is a collection of ideas or scrap pieces that exist primarily in your brain or somewhere on your hard drive you don’t yet have a real brand. For this whole branding thing to work, you have to become visible in a memorable, consistent, and deliberate way.

If you are like most real estate agents or brokers, making the leap from pieces of a brand to a one that resonates with the community and has true recognition on a broad scale is easier said than done. It is a process that is not only widely misunderstood but also feels difficult and time-consuming.

Until now!

I’m about to reveal an amazing real estate branding shortcut that will allow you to:

  • Get leads to develop an emotional connection with your business

  • Increase your client loyalty

  • Build a stronger team

  • Improve your conversion rates by up to 80%

Can you guess what that shortcut is?


Yup, by carefully creating video content that has a psychological foundation, you can develop a real estate brand that magnetically attracts everyone and everything that you desire most for your business. So get ready because we are about to dive deep into what makes video content so powerful AND 5 psychologically-driven videos that will completely transform your real estate brand and business.


Why You Need Video Content So Badly

Before we get into the “how” of your branding videos, I think it is very important that you understand the “why”. You see, unlike any other type of content, video has a unique ability to engage multiple senses simultaneously which also makes it the most emotional medium.

Video allows viewers to see, hear, and ultimately connect with the person behind the business.

When you evoke the right emotional response using the right messaging in your videos, you can even motivate people to hire you immediately.

But don’t just take my word for it, consider these compelling statistics:

  • A Wistia study revealed that people spend on average 2.6 times longer on webpages with video than those without.

  • An Aberdeen Group study, marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than those without.

  • Videos can decrease bounce rates and increase conversions by 80% or more, according to Eyeview Digital and Unbounce.

So as you can see, psychology+video is one of the most powerful catalysts for sales. However, I’m guessing that the idea of knowing how to infuse your real estate videos with psychology sounds overwhelming.

You’re probably saying “Yeah, that’s all interesting and cool Sarah, but where the hell do I even get started with all of this?!”

No worries - You don’t have to be a psychology major or a professional videographer to create smart real estate branding videos. I’m about to break it all down for you!

One thing you will have to do though is get over yourself and any excuses or fears that you let run amuck in your head. I’m talking about that little voice that says things like “My hair looks like crap today. I hate the sound of my voice. I feel like a weirdo.”

Just about everyone feels a bit awkward and uncomfortable when they get started with video. The best way to get over it is to ignore that costly little voice and just do it!

I promise that if the content of your videos is valuable, nobody will care about any of those silly things that you convince yourself to be reasons why you don’t want to do one simple thing to earn their business.
This is a case of the more you do it, the easier it will get. Just like going back to the gym.

5 Transformative Videos For Your Real Estate Brand

Although videos can be extremely alluring, they will only work for you and your real estate brand if you know which videos to create and what type of content to put into them. Here are five of the most transformative videos that will make a lasting impact on the way the market views your business.

1. The Bigger Picture

If you want people, particularly your ideal clients, to feel a connection to you, you need to show them more than just yourself.

You need to give them a front-row seat into the inner workings of your brand. In order for you to add depth to your messaging, you need to provide context for what you do and the impact it has for those that use your services as a real estate agent. One of my favorite examples of how to do this is to explain why you got into real estate, to begin with.

Did you recognize a need that you felt wasn’t being properly served in your market?

Did you have an “ah-ha” moment where you realized that you were born to do this?

What put you on this path and motivates you every day to do what you do?

This video is also a good time to explain what your core values are and how you incorporate them into your business. For example, I have been a longtime entrepreneur that has had businesses fail in the past. When I decided to become a copywriter I could have chosen to do it for any industry but I knew that most real estate agents were falsely lured into the industry with promises of getting rich the quick and easy way only to go bankrupt. I felt passionate that I could help reverse engineer the whole process for agents to help them achieve the dream that seems hopeless once they get in the door.

2. Problems & Solutions

This video is particularly powerful in nature because it connects with viewers at the exact time and place when they need you. Your job this time is to exploit a problem, challenge, or pain point of your ideal client and show them that you have/are the solution.

Although these videos are meant to be instructional, they are actually one of the most powerful conversion tools you can add to your arsenal. When done correctly, the viewer will recognize themselves in the video and see the value in working with you.

Once you help them recognize their problem, emphasize their pain points, and show them a solution, be sure to leave them with a feeling of opportunity. An opportunity to solve their problem or avoid that pain point by hiring you or taking whatever action you want to drive them towards.

3. Clarity & Definition

Behind-the-scenes style content is a wonderful way of educating your ideal clients about all that you do to help them and the value that you provide.

As you already know, there are many people out there that think real estate agents hardly do a thing during the process of helping them to buy or sell a piece of property. Therefore, creating how-to videos or one that walk them through the very detailed service that you provide can help to open their eyes and see the value in all that you do.

Furthermore, if you do things that set you apart in the service that you provide, these types of videos can create clarity in why you should be hired over other real estate agents in your market. I know it can be challenging to identify that unique value, so I created this worksheet to help you do that if you haven’t already.

4. Success Stories

There are few things as powerful in marketing than social proof. The more social proof you can collect and share with your audience the faster you will grow. Sharing testimonials and client success stories provide intense credibility that can’t be gained from anything that you claim yourself.

The best success story videos are the ones that your ideal clients will be able to relate to. Anytime that you work with someone that you believe fits within their framework, you should ask them to describe their experience, the transformation that you brought about, and how you helped them overcome any challenges that they faced.

If you would like to take a more formal approach, you can also create case study videos that explain to the viewer how to helped someone overcome their challenges, provided unexpected benefits, and how their lives improved because of working with you. You will also interweave relevant examples and the specific steps you took to deliver those results. Of course, don’t be afraid to attach the testimonial that client provided (with their permission).

5. Attention Grabbers

As a real estate agent and business owner, one of the largest challenges you face is to steal the attention of your ideal clients.

Frequently, I am asked what it takes to get your real estate content to go viral. Ultimately, you have to be able to evoke strong emotion by being shocking, hilarious, or VERY real. You have to be able to make your video stand out amongst the tremendous competition. It has to be so powerful that viewers are overwhelmingly compelled to hit that share button.

To do this, lead with something potentially polarizing, make it laugh-out-loud funny, or emotionally striking. Even the most everyday aspects of your business can be highlighted in a way that can make you the next viral video star.

What You Say Matters

Creating videos is important but what you say in them is what matters most. If you want your real estate videos to convert your ideal clients, you need to incorporate plenty of psychology and strategic phrasing to get viewers to take the right actions.

When real estate professionals like you hire me to write their video scripts, I incorporate a powerful psychological tactic known as neurolinguistic programming to accomplish their goals. When I do this, my clients’ real estate videos go from meh to money-makers because viewers don’t realize they are being psychologically manipulated into doing whatever my clients want them to do.

For example, let’s say that you want to create a video that attracts your ideal real estate clients by showcasing the results you’ve generated for someone else. Rather than just sharing the testimonial, I would provide you with a script that viewers can connect with emotionally based around a challenge, show how you solved the problem and then use proven NLP phrasing to make viewers think they would be crazy not to hire you right now.

Of course, you can also take the time to study and master psychology and the use of neurolinguistic programming in your content. However, I’m guessing that you are already strapped for time and need to start generating real results with a more powerful brand sooner than you would be able to learn all of that. So if you want to avoid all that time and hard work and jump to the part where your phone won’t stop ringing with leads, schedule a strategy call with me and I will make you THE go-to agent in your market.

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