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How Team Leaders Can Recruit Top Talent (Featured In Inman)
By Nithya_CML


As the real estate industry moves into the most competitive era in history, team leaders can only afford recruitment activities with the highest possible ROI for time and money spent.

The time for endless meet & greets at Starbucks and cold calls has come to an end. The time for content and digital domination has begun.

If you are ready to grow your team while spending less time and money on recruitment activities, follow these four modern strategies to attract top talent:

Your Real Estate Blog

Blogs are one of the most misunderstood marketing tools out there today. If you are like most team leaders, you may not realize that a real estate blog can be used to increase resale value into your website, supercharge your SEO, generate passive income, and more importantly, recruit new talent.

To make your real estate team blog work for you in all of those ways, you need to work from a strategy that allows you to regularly create content that appeals to the agents you are trying to attract.

3 Vital Things To Do Before After You Hit Publish On Your Real Estate Blog - Subscribe & Share

Start by creating a profile of the types of agents you want on your team. Brainstorm a long list of problems and goals that those agents are facing, then create evergreen blog articles that answer their problems and help them accomplish their goals.

For maximum value and returns, convert each blog article into a podcast episode and video for your YouTube channel. The more content you create, the more credible and trusted you will be.

Real Estate Training Webinars

Training webinars are a fantastic because they allow you to showcase:

  • What makes you and your team different

  • What you have to offer in terms of training and resources

  • What you know about the local market

  • Why you are the best option among the competition

Perhaps the best part of training webinars is that you only have to record and edit them once, and then you can use them over and over to save yourself hundreds or even thousands of hours. Plus it is completely free to do with websites like Zoom or Loom video recorders.

Your Email List

What is the point of having an email list if you aren’t going to use it?

Far to many team leaders fail to utilize their email list in a way that allows them to recruit and cash in. I suggest setting up a regular newsletter that showcases all of the new educational and training content that you have assembled like blog articles, podcast episodes, etc. You can also use your email list to recruit people to your webinars and social media pages/groups.

Real Estate Email Marketing | Real Estate Email Campaigns | Sarah Layton

Real Estate Email Marketing | Real Estate Email Campaigns | Sarah Layton Every marketing professional under the sun will tell you that real estate drip campaigns are one of the most efficient, effective, and powerful ways to take your leads from cold to closed.

As always, the key to being successful with your email marketing, is that you must be providing genuine value to the recipient. Do not make it all about you, or you will just collect unsubscribes and abuse complaints. The more value you deliver, the more value you will get out of each send.

Your Facebook Group

Facebook groups have become a serious hotbed for lead generation and recruiting. Unlike Facebook pages which are intended to be a professional brand representation, Facebook Groups are designed for engagement and community building.

Create a group that is targeted at the types of agents that you want to recruit. Offer useful tips, get your team involved in the conversation, and share your training content.

As you know, real estate agents are full of questions! They love being able to post a question to a FB group and get feedback from peers and team leaders. So why not let that be your team?

I suggest you create a closed group that asks hopeful members who they are, whether or not they’re licensed, and what they hope to gain from the group.