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Hardcore Reasons Every Real Estate Agent Should Be On Instagram
By Sharmila_CML


How would you feel if a picture could bring you your next five-figure commission?

What would happen if you could use nothing more than pictures and videos to double, triple, or even quadruple your annual GCi?

If you’re like most people, that type of growth would allow you to have more freedom to spend time with the people you love, travel, and build your business.

Every day more and more real estate agents and brokers are doing just that with help from a little-known social media platform called Instagram!

Ever heard of it?

Duh! Of course, you have!

But what you may not have known (until now) is that Instagram is an insanely easy way to build your real estate business through lead generation, sales, and referrals! You don’t have to be a celebrity to make it work either.

In my definitive guide to Instagram for real estate, I am going to show you:

  • Why Instagram is so valuable to you

  • What types of leads you can expect to get from Instagram

  • The benefits you will reap when you put this guide to work for you

  • How to build your business profile to attract clients

  • What type of posts you need to fill your feed

  • And SOOOO much more!

But in today's post, I simply want to lay out all of the details and reasons why your real estate business needs to be featured on Instagram (starting today).

Why Do You Need Instagram?

I am a huge fan of using Instagram for business! Especially when it comes to real estate.

Lucky for you, the real estate industry is a very photogenic one with millions of opportunities to snap jaw-dropping, eye-catching pictures that could turn grow your bank account.

Although you may think that IG is just a silly social media platform for teenagers and Millennials, the truth is that it is for everyone! Check out these stats that just may surprise you:

  • Instagram has more than 500 million users

  • Currently, there are 4.2 billion likes per day on the platform

  • Engagement on Instagram is more than 10X FB and Twitter

If you have been frustrated with the diminishing rate of return on platforms like Facebook lately, that last point should be enough to make you move over to IG.

That shouldn’t be the only driving force though. There are more reasons than I could possibly count as to why you should be creating non-stop content for the stunning platform.

I know that getting the hang of a new platform can take some practice, which is why you may be hesitant to give it a try.

However, the results are more than worth it!

In fact, one of my clients picked up nearly a million dollars in contracts within 48 hours of following my advice and setting up his Instagram account for the first time! The kicker is that he had only posted three photos using the tips I am sharing with you in this guide.

Call me crazy, but I would say three pictures for nearly $60K in commissions is well worth it.

But if that is still not enough to convince you that you need IG in your life, consider these points:

  • You can rank on IG with hashtags faster than with traditional SEO for your website

  • IG users are more affluent

  • IG stories function like a modern press release (that you don’t have to pay for)

  • 1 out of 3 Americans use Insta daily

As you can see my friend, there is no denying that this platform is a goldmine for real estate! But before you can cash-in you need to learn how to leverage it properly. Not to worry; I’ve got you covered.

Be sure to claim your copy of The Definitive Guide To Instagram For Realtors to learn all of the ins and outs of making this amazing platform work for you!