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Avoid These Mistakes When Starting A Real Estate Blog
By Nithya_CML


Avoid These Mistakes When Starting A Real Estate Blog

Starting a real estate blog is one of the most powerful ways to reverse engineer or your real estate business and get your ideal clients to start chasing after you!

However, it is also one of those tasks that is easier said than done if you do not have previous blogging experience. In fact, every day I come across real estate blogs that are riddled with expensive mistakes that are driving away visitors and potential business.

I don’t want to see that happen to you so I have put together this list of the most commonly made mistakes on new real estate blogs.

Make sure none of these happen to you!

Mistake 1: Choosing A Free Blogging Platform

There are tons of free blogging platforms out there or like blogger and Active Rain. While these platforms are a great location for helping to market your blog, they should never be the original home of your real estate blog posts. Instead, I insist that you make your independently owned real estate website the home of your blog.

Doing this will help you to drive traffic to your real estate website where you can have lead capture devices in place, as well as, featured listings.

Remember, one of the main goals of your real estate blog is to drive traffic to your website and capture people with your sales funnel.

Mistake 2: Writing Like You Did In School

One of the craziest things about blogging is that it goes against so many of the rules that you were taught in school about English and writing. In fact, most of what you were taught about how to style and format a piece of content in school will actually work against you in blogging.

For example, take a look at the way that I have formatted this post. As you can see, I am keeping my paragraph limited to one or just a couple of sentences. That is something that would’ve gotten you into big trouble in school.

You will also notice that the language I use is far more conversational than anything that would’ve garnered you in A+ back then. Using conversational copy is very important for building a relationship with your audience and keeping them engaged throughout your content.

Mistake 3: Stealing Pictures Or Videos

I can’t even begin to stress enough how important it is that you avoid stealing video or picture content, from other websites.

This may seem like a relatively harmless thing to do but it can have devastating consequences on you and your real estate business.

I know that it can be a lot of work, and sometimes expensive to generate your own real estate content but it is FAR more costly to steal content from others.

It also completely unnecessary because there are phenomenal platforms out there like Creative Market where you can get stunning images to use for your real estate blog, podcasts, video series, website, newsletter, and more!

Mistake 4: Copying Content From Another Real Estate Blog

Just as it is extremely dangerous and detrimental to you and your business to steal videos or pictures for your real estate blog, it can be devastating to you if you steal written content.

Stealing content is never a good idea. Not only is it an unethical business practice, but it could cause you to be sued, have your site permanently deleted from search results (by Google) and severely damage your credibility. Not to mention, stealing content is flat out illegal!

Those agents that can create and post the most valuable and unique content will be able to build the most dominant web presence, and ultimately crush their competition. If writing is challenging for you, try hiring a professional real estate content writer like myself and then repurpose that content into podcasts and videos to accelerate your results.

Mistake 5: Not Posting Enough Or Consistently

Being successful with a real estate blog, or any blog for that matter is not random. It is just as much of a science as it is an art.

One major mistake that I see newbie real estate bloggers making all of the time is that they are not adding posts frequently enough or on any kind of consistent basis.

At a bare minimum, you need to be adding at least one 500+ word blog post to your blog every single week. It is important that they are at least 500 words because anything less will not rank as a legitimate page with Google and won’t allow your website to show up in search results.

You should also be publishing them on the same day of the week. However, if you are truly committed to growing a loyal audience that is eager to hire you then you need to aim for a goal of adding at least 3-5 fresh blog posts every week.

Mistake 6: Forgetting Your Real Estate Niche

The one thing that your English teacher taught you that you actually can and should apply it to blogging is to always, always, always consider your audience!

I cannot believe how many real estate bloggers miss the mark by failing to address the goals, concerns, priorities, and problems of their ideal clients in their content!

In fact, the first thing that I do with everyone that hires me to write their real estate blog for them is put them through an exercise (ask me about this) to clearly and very specifically define exactly what their niche or ideal client looks like. By doing this, I am able to tailor the content of their blogs far more effectively and dramatically increase the conversion rates of their articles.

Let’s not pretend like most real estate topics have not already been covered out there in the blogosphere. But you see, when you truly niche down and tailor your content to meet the needs of that specific audience, you can make a tired real estate topic feel fresh and new again.

Want More Help Starting Your Real Estate Blog?

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