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5 Rules For Crafting A High-Converting “About Me” Page For Your Real Estate Website
By Sharmila_CML


The “About Me” page of your real estate website or blog is NOT what you think it is!

Most people make the mistake of writing some long, drawn-out bio all about who they are, how they got involved in the business, and why they are so great.

This is a HUGE mistake!

I know it might sound crazy but your “About Me” page should not really be about you and your company as much as it should be about the people you are trying to attract.

The content on this page should be designed to psychologically tap into the hearts and minds of the people reading it and make them feel as though you really understand them.

You want them to walk away from this page feeling a deeper connection to you and seeing you as the solution to their problems and the pivotal stepping-stone to their dreams.

The more that you make this content all about you, the more you will alienate readers and the higher your bounce rates will climb.

But rather than talk all about what you shouldn’t do, today’s post is designed to teach you what you SHOULD do to convert casual visitors into clients with nothing more than your “About Me” page.

If you don’t want to be bothered to write it yourself, I would be more than happy to write it for you (sign-up to have me write your page for you)!

Why Do You Need An About Me Page For Your Real Estate Website Or Blog?

Did you know that the “About me” page is the third most viewed page on any real estate website? Yup! That is based on data gathered over the last few years from EAP.

So here’s the thing…

If you don’t have one of these pages on your website, you are shortchanging your site visitors the opportunity to form that initial connection with you, and you are probably cheating yourself out of clients.

Rule 1: Engage Them From The Beginning

When someone lands on any page of your website, they are arriving as a skeptic. It is your job to win them over from the first word.

That does not mean that you introduce yourself and start talking about the fact that you are a real estate agent or whatever. They already know that!

They also don’t care about where you went to school or how many certifications you have.

What they do care about is themselves, what they want, and whether or not you can provide that for them.

You know what you don’t do to show them you can offer what they seek? You DON’T say something like “I can help you with all of your real estate needs”.


Nobody cares.

Instead, turn the tables and engage your audience by asking them questions right off the bat. Maybe tell a funny real estate or localized joke. Or perhaps blow them away with a shocking statistic which you can work into the rest of the content.

I promise you that if you are not able to engage your audience from the very beginning, you will lose them.

Rule 2: What Results Do You Offer

People don’t care about what you claim you have done in the past.

They care about what results you can deliver for them.

This means you should cut any content that is hypothetical or talks about what you might be able to do for them and replace it with black and white facts about what you can deliver. I’ve discovered after writing countless “About me” pages or bios that many people have never taken a moment to stop and think about this.

Once you are able to identify cold-hard results, you will become far more powerful in your sales presentations and listing presentations.

Rule 3: Tell A Story

Storytelling is one of the biggest challenges for most real estate companies.

In business, a story is meant to illustrate the purpose, power, and impact of a product or service.

The most common “storytelling” mistake that I see real estate professionals make is they tell their life story, talk about their hobbies or their family, and tell the reader that all of that inspires them to serve their clients.

Can you guess what I’m going to say?


Your potential clients will not feel connected to you about a story about you, but rather about how you have made a dramatic impact on someone like them.

I like to tell people to think about the commercials that you see on television which all use storytelling to sell a product or service. Do you see them talking about how the CEO got sick or where they went to college? Or do you see them showcasing a day in the life of someone like their ideal customer, highlight a problem they have, and show how their product/service saves the day?

People are won over by stories so make sure that yours is stellar and forward-reaching.

Rule 4: Show Them You’re Different

Obviously, you have an overwhelming amount of competition these days on both a local and national basis, thanks to companies like Zillow and Redfin.

Essentially, all of you provide the same service.

It is your job to use your About Me page to highlight what is different about you and the service that you offer!

This doesn’t mean saying something like “quality service” or “experience”. Everyone says those things.

Dig deep and figure out exactly what UNIQUE value you offer that they can’t get anywhere else. Then make the clear to them and drive it home.

Rule 5: Lead Them To Water AND Get Them To Drink

It is one thing to nail the first four components that I have laid out for you here today.

Yes, you may get some conversions if you truly follow all of those rules.

However, if you really want to extract every ounce of value out of this page on your real estate website, you need to end with an effective call to action that drives people to take that next step.

I suggest you combine powerful, psychologically-driven language and a soft sell to move them down your funnel a bit further. Remember, not everyone is ready to make a purchase or list their property right this second and you don’t want to alienate those people because they are valuable members of your pipeline.

I recommend that you push them into an email drip campaign or facebook group or any other medium that allows you to obtain their contact info and stay in touch with them until they are ready to make a move.

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