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4 Essential Real Estate Social Media Posts
By Sharmila_CML


If you work in real estate in any capacity you have no choice but to build your social media presence. However, it is what you choose to post, when you choose to post, and how you post that will determine if you get flooded with qualified real estate leads from your social media.

If you are anything like most people in real estate, social media marketing and all of its rules causes more headaches than happy dances.

You’re not alone!

However, the truth is that it isn’t all that hard to post the right content at the right time in the right places if you know the strategy I use for creating massively profitable real estate brands all over the country. Not only am I going to share that strategy with you today but I’ll also show you:

  • The purpose and value behind the 4 essential posts every real estate business needs

  • Specific examples of posts you can apply to your own business

  • The tools you need to create these 4 essential posts

  • How to create a year of real estate social media content in one day

If you are looking for ways to become more profitable and more productive in your real estate business, this post is for you! Please share with all of your favorite real estate contacts including agents, brokers, lenders, coaches, inspectors, photographers, investors, etc. and tag me (Sarah Layton, Real Estate Writer) to be entered for a free gift.

Awareness Real Estate Content

Before you can ever expect to realistically attract and convert your ideal real estate clients with social media you must first make them aware of you. The object of awareness content is to cast a wide net throughout social media which clearly communicates to your audience who you are, what you do, and how they benefit from you and your services.

Think of your awareness as your very first handshake or first impression with a potential new client. This is your chance to not only let them know that you exist but that you are someone they will grow to know, like, and trust.

When creating content for your awareness campaigns, it is important to remember that you must put the audience first. If you hope to later engage and convert your ideal clients with social media, you need to make a strong first impression with your awareness campaigns. In other words, this is NOT the time to try and sell yourself but rather make it known that you are here in service of your community.

If you have ever purchased a proper Facebook ad before then you already know that creating awareness is an actual option of an ad objective. Not that I am suggesting you need to place Facebook Ads but they can be powerful when done correctly.

When it comes to the content, I want you to think of infotainment. It has to be just engaging enough to capture their attention in a newsfeed and just educational enough that they understand the purpose of your business.

Educational Real Estate Content

The purpose of educational content on your social media channels is to better educate your target audience of the significance of your job in real estate. Think about it this way; if you are a first time home buyer you likely have no remote idea just how much work is needed to purchase a property. Therefore, you also have no idea why it would be valuable to you to hire a real estate agent when you can search for homes on your own online. Furthermore, you probably do not realize that it is free for you to hire a real estate agent as a buyer.

When you’re creating educational content for your social media audience, you are essentially eliminating any objections potential clients have to hiring you, as well as, overcoming common obstacles. Another powerful benefit is that it will showcase your expertise. In fact, the more educational content you post to your social media channels the more you will be revered as an expert.

When creating educational content it is important to keep the most common problems and obstacles in the forefront. In order to stay on-brand with your social media, you should always be thinking about solving the biggest problems of your ideal real estate clients and helping them solve their biggest goals.

Let’s say for example that you are a real estate broker looking to recruit luxury agents to your high-end boutique brokerage. Your educational content should teach agents about how to brand, market, and develop themselves to become a prolific luxury agent. This shows agents and the public that you know how to walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to luxury real estate.

Another example of an educational post might be a real estate photographer creating a video explaining the importance of lighting a room properly for photographs along with a before-and-after shot. Again, this teaches the importance of proper lighting with two target audiences while positioning the photographer as the expert on the subject.

Engagement Real Estate Content

Engagement content is among the two most typically desired types for social media content. Engagement content is the type that causes masses of people to like, comment, share, and obviously engage with it. However, it is also one of the two most challenging types of content to create.

You see, unlike awareness and educational campaigns that can be successful without anyone ever clicking “like” or sharing and commenting, the point of an engagement post is to do that exactly.

For a post to not only catch the attention of someone scrolling through Facebook or LinkedIn or any other platform and also get that person to take action it needs a few key ingredients:

  • Compelling written and visual content

  • Strategic targeting

  • Strong but simple call-to-action

  • Measurement metrics

Unlike the last educational and awareness campaigns that share information with your audience, your goal here is to get them to share information with you so you can be more effective in converting them. To do this, you will need to incorporate a combination of posts that ask questions, posts that capture leads with a sales funnel, and posts that start valuable conversations.

Let’s assume you are a transaction coordinator with the goal of determining what services will differentiate you and offer more value to your clients. You could create a survey that collects that information from past and potential clients in a Facebook Group of real estate agents.

Conversion Real Estate Content

Although not everyone in your social media sphere of influence will always be at the buying or conversion stage when they connect with you our goal is to get them there at some point. Now that you have used the three previous types of post to tell your target audience who you are, what you offer, how they benefit from you, that they can trust your expertise and you care about them.

You have exploited their pain points.

You have taught them they need your expertise to solve their problems.

You have collected information about what is preventing them from purchasing.

Now you have to close.

When crafting your conversion content, you need to combine the best elements of all previous campaigns. In most cases, the “conversion” will be getting them on the phone with you, emailing you, or booking a meeting with you.

Do NOT measure your conversion rates based on how many clients you get from the campaign. Many people make this mistake but fail to realize that they are conducting an experiment without a controlled variable when they do that. Think of it this way: you run a conversion campaign that gets 5 potential clients to book a consultation call or meeting with you. In the end, you convert 1 of those consultations into a paying client. What you may not realize is that the other 4 could have been converted but you did or said something wrong from the moment they signed up for that meeting. In this case, the campaign did its job and got people to take your desired action. You are the one that failed, not the campaign.

When you are measuring the success level of a real estate conversion campaign on social media, you need to measure it by how many people performed the initial task you asked of them no matter whether that was to sign-up for something, contact you, book an appointment, etc.

The Little-Known Time Hack To Creating A Year’s Worth Of Social Content In A Day

After years of educating the real estate industry, I can confidently say that most real estate professionals don’t want to be bothered with creating expert-level social media campaigns.

If you have been following me for a bit then you already know I am a major fan of any little hack, trick, or tool that will allow me to be uber-productive. When it comes to social media, I have found that the fastest and easiest way to actually be effective is to “set it and forget it” as much as possible in three simples steps. My strategy below eliminates the most time-consuming and inconvenient parts of getting clients from social media so you can get back to doing your real job.

3 Steps To Creating A Year Of Real Estate Social Media Posts

  1. Start with a brandable template and batch create content

  2. Upload to a scheduling platform like Buffer or Tailwind to automatically publish on all platforms at the optimized day and time

  3. Measure results and adjust accordingly

I am dead serious when I tell you that without this three-step system I never could have built multiple six and seven-figure real estate companies using social media. When you implement my strategy, you will easily be able to create enough social media posts to create awareness, education, engagement, and conversion posts for a year in just one day.

So what are you waiting for?