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3 Ways Content Marketing Teaches You About Your Brand
By Nithya_CML

By now, you have heard about the tremendous value in content marketing, but did you know that creating content can also serve you in many other ways? Yup - content can teach you about your customers, your business, and your industry. Your real estate content should be well-planned, targeted, and in-sync with your brand.


In order to develop a lucrative real estate content marketing plan, you will be forced to take a cold, hard look at your business and ask yourself a lot of questions. In this article, I am going to show you three ways content marketing can teach you about your business so that you can continue to grow your brand awareness and watch your profits grow.

1. Does Your Brand Have A Clear Identity?

When you sit down to strategically plan your real estate content marketing plan, you want to design it around your brand. Once your plan is in place, you can start writing your content and structuring it in a way that very specifically targets your ideal clients. However, if your brand has not been properly developed, your content could be a big waste.

Before you begin orchestrating your marketing plan ask yourself: do people understand who you are, what you do , and why you are the best at it? Why or why not? Will I know why I should choose you over your competitors in the first 30 seconds of being on your website? If not, then you have a major problem that needs fixing.

Remember, the point of developing your real estate content marketing plan is to garner targeted web traffic, collect qualified leads, and close more contracts.

2. Does Your Brand Make People Want To Buy or Sell Houses?

They know who you are but do they like you enough to want to buy a house from you? Why or why not? If your brand is clear and well-established to target your niche, but doesn't actually appeal to those clients, you're going to be dead in the water. When someone is getting ready to hire a real estate agent, they usually hire because they like you or your business on a more personal level. Your brand should be one that your niche clientele can relate to, love, and believe in. Use the qualities that people like about you to help them understand why they should like your business.

When you are writing your real estate content marketing plan, it should support your message to your niche clients. That message should always be in-sync with your brand and make it clear why people should hire you to buy and sell their house. Real estate content will help strangers get to know you, perceive you as an expert in your niche, and trust you enough to hire you as their real estate agent.

3. Building Your Brand Takes Time and Commitment (but it's worth it)!

Real Estate content marketing results usually don't happen over night (although its possible). It takes time, money and passion to properly develop your brand with your real estate content marketing plan. Use passion to drive your brand. Ask yourself the following questions:

Why are you an agent?
What makes you excited about what you do?
What makes your clients excited about working with you?

Your answers to those questions should be used to build your brand. Then once your vision and understanding of your brand is more complete, it is time to invest in creating real estate content to communicate that vision with your potential customers and referral sources.

Once you take the time to develop both your brand and your content, you will start to see amazing changes to your marketing results. Marketing your real estate business takes a great deal of time, energy, and money and the foundation you lay for those marketing efforts is built upon your brand. The more your develop and build your brand through content marketing, the more your brand will build your business