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3 Essential Real Estate Blogging Tools For 2019
By Nithya_CML


Starting and growing a real estate blog is much easier said than done for most people.

I know from connecting with many of you on social and from our one-on-one conversations via email and on the phone that many of you are hungry for tools that will both help you produce your real estate blogs more efficiently, and get better results from your posts.

Up until now, I have made casual references and referrals to some of the tools that I use for my own blog on but it occurred to me that it would be easier for you to have a list of all of my favorite blogging tools in one place.

Today, I am going to share the best tools of the trade that will help you:

  • Improve your real estate website’s SEO

  • Get more organic traffic to your website and blog

  • Attract new readers and subscribers to your real estate blog

  • Earn more passive income from your real estate blog and website

I’ll be honest and upfront and tell you that there is some cost involved with most of these cool content marketing tools, but I am providing you with exclusive extended free trials and reduced costs on each of them through the links I am providing you with below.

I use all of these tools myself have been thoroughly impressed with the results I’m getting from each one of them. These investments in your real estate blog will save you a ton of time and more than pay for themselves several times over so you would be crazy not to start using them today.

Content Samurai

If you want to up your video marketing game but hate the way you look on camera, you’re going to be obsessed with Content Samurai. In a nutshell, Content Samurai allows you to transform any written real estate content you have like a blog post and turn it into a video for YouTube or social. I love this software because you can turn a blog post into a video in just a couple of minutes! I love to see my clients make an appearance in their videos but if you’re having a bad hair day or just can’t bring yourself to appear in the video, this is a fantastic alternative solution. I like to time-block this process to make it even faster. One day I was able to generate 30 videos SUPER FAST using this software. You can try Content Samurai out for yourself for free for a week here, and when you realize how amazing it is you can get it for half the price at the end of that trial.

Tailwind Tribes

In the beginning, I was hesitant to use Pinterest to market my blog because I didn’t understand that it is a search engine, NOT a social media platform. Once I figured out that Pinterest is a massive traffic generator for a blog and website, I knew I had to work it into my strategy. At first, things were pretty slow-going. Then I discovered Tailwind and their Tibes and WHOA BABY did my traffic take off like craaayyyyyzzzzyyy! In fact, my Pinterest following went from 0-25,000+ in less than a year thanks to Tailwind Tribes.

Tailwind allows you to both schedule and collect analytics on all of your Instagram and Pinterest posts. They are constantly adding new cool features like being able to hide your hashtags on your Instagram posts but their most impactful feature is their collection of Tribes. Tribes are groups of people that co-promote one another’s pins around a given topic like blogging, marketing, web design, real estate etc.. For just a couple of dollars a month I have seen a dramatic increase in my website’s traffic, my number of followers on Pinterest, and my affiliate product sales.

You can get started with Tailwind for free AND get a free month of Tailwind Tribes here, courtesy of yours truly.


Livestream is the newest content marketing tool I just discovered and I am pumped out of my freaking mind about it! You already know that Live videos get far more traction on Facebook and Youtube than pre-recorded videos. I talk about that a lot in this article about dominating with Facebook Live. Of course, you can save your Live feeds to your Facebook Page and Youtube channel when they are over, but they won’t be able to attract nearly as many people as when they are in the middle of the live stream. I’m obsessed with Livestream because it allows you to take any pre-recorded videos that you have and trick Facebook and Youtube into thinking that they are a Live feed so both platforms will push your video to the top of search results and newsfeeds to help you get more views, likes, subscribes, etc.! For anyone like me with a whole library of recorded videos, this is a gigantic game changer! I insist you start using Livestream today to start exploding your traffic to your real estate vlog.


If you are like most business owners, you’ve heard of Clickfunnels by now. They’ve been around for quite a while now and that is only because they really are amazing at increasing landing page conversion rates. I love to use Clickfunnels to grow my email list using my free content upgrades. For example, if I write a blog post about how to start a real estate blog, I can offer a free real estate blogging checklist through Clickfunnels that will require people to subscribe in order to get the free list.

I also like to use Clickfunnels for my clients’ listings and for affiliate products that I sell. There are countless ways you can use Clickfunnels in real estate but don’t forget to also use it for your real estate blog. If you would like to try Clickfunnels for yourself, you can get a 14-day free trial here.

Need Help Growing Your Real Estate Blog?

In addition to ghostwriting real estate blogs for my clients, I love to help everyone with a real estate blog reach their business and blogging goals.

If you have a question about starting, growing, or promoting your real estate blog, please reach out to me!

If you would like to book a free consultation with me to learn more about my services you can do that here.

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