Why I'm The Best Real Estate Copywriter...

Hi! I'm Sarah Layton, The Real Estate Writer.

Thank you so much for being here!

I understand you might want to know a little something something about me, my experience, and why I call myself the "best" real estate writer before you hire me.

After all, what kind of person makes such a claim?

I work with the "best" real estate professionals like you to attract your dream clients to you so you never have to chase them again.

You see, I don't want you to have to hunt for leads, I want you to farm for them.

But not just any leads. I want to attract your ideal or dream clients to you so you can have more fun at work, make more money, and live a more fulfilled life.

How do I do this? Through my powerful, strategic, and profitable real estate content and content marketing coaching.

My journey to become the "best" real estate copy writer started by strategically spending years working in the real estate industry in a variety of capacities (marketing, title, property management, law, etc.).

In the meantime, I studied real estate, marketing, copy writing and SEO around the clock!

Then when the time was right I made the move to pursue my true passion - copy writing.

I love being a real estate content writer because I get to spend every day helping dedicated people like you become a hero to your prospects and clients!

I have made a client more than $40,000 in commission just 48 hours after hiring me!

What a rush that was for both of us! I live for those moments.

Clients tell me I have a knack for translating complex real estate concepts into easy-to-digest content that breeds true believers and puts more money in their pockets.

I know it can be tough to find a writer who gets your voice right and doesn’t need a ton of editing and oversight. I’m that girl!

They say that "content is king but distributions is queen and she wears the pants", and it's so true!

In addition to writing powerful real estate content to attract your dream clients to you like a magnet, I will coach you on how to leverage that content so you get the best possible return on your investment.

It is my goal to help you understand that producing high-end content is not an expense, but an investment into your business, brand, and future.

In fact, if you invest in your real estate content, you could sell your website for six-figures when you retire!

I don't just want to be some stranger that writes for you.

I want to be your partner in achieving the biggest dreams you have in your life!

I want to turn you into the local expert and help you gain the respect you deserve! No matter how young you are, or how inexperienced, content can turn you into an expert in the eyes of buyers and sellers.

But before I can make you six, seven, or even eight figures and help you achieve your dreams with my services, I have to get to know you too!

You see, I am going to die...

I don't want to spend a single moment of my life working with bad people or people that won't respect what I have to offer them. Therefore, I screen my clients to make sure they are as dedicated to their dreams and I am to mine so I can help as many of the "best" real estate agents out there as possible.