Energy Consulting Services


Over 30 Years Energy Audit Experience
Infrared Scan Of Walls, Ceilings And Windows
Solar Heat Gain Through Windows
Check Freon Levels
Duct Efficiency (Duct Wrapping)
Attic Venting
Utility Rate Comparison
Engineer Climate Specific Solutions
Proposal For Effective Remediation
Address The Home as a System
Day Lighting (Tubular Skylights)
Load Controllers Energy Management
Check Insulation Levels
Up-Selling Of Unnecessary Products
Check Air Infiltration Of Home *Unnecessary in hot climate
Blower Door Test *Unnecessary
Suggest Installing Shade Screens *They act as solar ovens!

 Many homeowners are concerned about the rising cost of energy and how best to prepare for it. Perhaps you may have heard some of the following:

"Installing energy efficient windows can drop your energy costs by 35%"
"Set back thermostats can cut energy costs by 25%"
"A high efficiency heat pump can reduce your bill by 40%"
"Attic fans curb energy costs, reductions of 29% are possible"

Add all these up and the power company would be paying YOU! Joking aside, what is the best investment for your home?


On existing homes we will evaluate the symptoms, identify the problems, and address them as cost effectively as possible. We live in a desert. Homes here have needs that are different from the rest of the country and we know how best to address the problems. Do not make the mistake of investing in something that may not give you the best return. Our NRG Audit consists of inspections and applied experience over two decades in Arizona homes just like yours.

During this audit, we can assist you in making the right decisions towards a plan designed for your home. Every home is different, has different needs, and requires solutions best suited for that specific home. We do not do blower door tests, infrared scans or document your existing losses. We have have done blower door tests and infrared scans but these tests just add to the cost. Why not focus on what we know to cause the symptoms you have now rather than determining the level at which you are wasting energy? We have created products for Arizona homes that have been proven to reduce heat gain, increase comfort, and lower your APS or SRP bill. Our NRG Audit focuses on what causes high energy bills and uncomfortable homes and gives you solutions to re-meditate these problems. This includes a focus on limiting the movement of heat using our proven products, the efficiency of your heat pump or A/C, condition of your ducting, proper attic venting, and a utility rate comparison. We find after our rate analysis most homeowners are on the most expensive rate and don't know it. Changing rates is free, knowing which one to switch to can be confusing.

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