Cut duct losses up to 50%! We typically see at least a 40% reduction in heat loss in just 20' of flex duct. Perhaps you've noticed a recent focus on repairing costly and inefficient duct leaks. It's obvious sealing your ducts is important. Even more important is not losing the cooling or heating along the way. Ever wonder why some of your rooms are hard to heat or cool? We've found the rooms farthest from the source of heating or cooling can be significantly improved by increasing the efficiency of the duct system. 

No need to replace your existing duct work, simply cover your supply and return ducts with TCM Duct Wrap and experience instant benefits. TCM Duct Wrap lasts forever and pays for itself quickly in saved energy and increased comfort. Duct Wrap is a high performance, multi layer, laminate of white polyester/scrim/metalized substrate with a double sided metalized film assembled with our patented TCM system. When wrapped around the ducts in your attic, basement, or crawlspace TCM significantly increases the performance of you duct system. TCM keeps heat in your ducts in the winter and heat out during air conditioning.

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