Concrete Coatings - Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Delaware Valley Concrete Coatings?

DVCC does commercial concrete coatings and residential concrete coatings in southeastern Pennsylvania and northern Delaware. We use the best products available and application techniques that ensure a long-lasting, easy to clean, beautiful concrete floor.

Why would I want to coat my garage/concrete floor?

Concrete is porous and very difficult to keep clean, in addition, concrete dust continues to come off the concrete for years after it is poured and settles on the items in the space. Also, depending on how the concrete was poured and finished, the floors can be extremely slippery when wet. Raw concrete is unattractive. In most homes, the garage is the main entrance to the house and most folks prefer that it is more attractive. Also, raw concrete is next to impossible to keep clean. If you have ever spilled oil or grease on your garage floor you know it is next to impossible to clean up.

How does DVCC coat concrete?

To get a quality, long-lasting concrete coating both the quality of the products used and the preparation techniques are critical.

DVCC uses polyaspartic coatings from Flexmar Coatings (www.flexmarcoatings.com). Polyaspartic is the latest generation of concrete coatings available (First was epoxy, then Polyurea and now Polyaspartic). Polyaspartics are 3 times more wear and abrasion resistant than epoxy, cure quickly (our concrete coatings can be walked on 2 hours after installation and driven on 24 hours after installation, unlike epoxies which you need to stay off of for 5-7 days) and can be put down both inside and out as they will not yellow or deteriorate in sunlight (UV resistant).

Polyaspartic coatings can only be professionally applied by trained technicians. You have probably seen concrete floors where the floor was acid etched prior to application of the epoxy coating that has peeled up. Generally, these peel up quite quickly (sometime in a matter of weeks) particularly where hot tires hit the coating. Quite simply, acid etching does not work. DVCC uses diamond grinders to prepare the concrete surface prior to application. The diamond grinding opens up the pores of the concrete to ensure proper adhesion, as well as removing oil, gas and other stains. We then put multiple coats of polyaspartic down to ensure a long lasting floor. DVCC floors are guaranteed for 15 years.

Where can this coating be used?

As polyaspartic coatings are UV resistant, they can be used inside or out. Typical residential installations include garage floors, basement floors, and pool and patio areas. Anywhere an attractive, easy to clean surface is desired.

Commercial installations typically include retail spaces, office spaces, industrial floors, airport hangers, etc. Anywhere that an attractive, easy to maintain floor is that needs to be returned to service quickly.

How long does a project like this take to complete?

That depends on the size of the project and the current condition of the concrete floor. However, for reference a typical 3 car garage can be completed in 1-2 days.