Five most common repair items from home inspections

1. Water Heater Strapping Check your water heater and if it is 75 gallons or more, three water heater straps are required. When the homes in Turtle Ridge were built, this was not a requirement so many homes only have two straps

2. Carbon Monoxide Sensors One carbon monoxide sensor is required on every level of the home.

3. Fireplace Damper Clamp Inexpensive clamps are required to prevent the damper from being completely closed which could prevent the exit of gas in the case of a leak and the exit of carbon monoxide while lit.

4. Shower Diverter Valve As they age, the shower diverter valves tend to leak water into the tub while the shower is being operated. This is a cheap and easy fix.

5. Exterior Settlement Cracks Seal exterior settlement cracks to prevent the entrance of water and visual appeal.