Drayton Saunders


Although he grew up immersed in the culture of the company, Drayton Saunders didn't formally join Michael Saunders & Company® until January of 2003. Since then he has held a number of key leadership roles that have culminated in his current position as company President.

Michael Saunders


Thanks to a lifetime spent in Southwest Florida and the last forty years at the helm of her company, Michael Saunders has sat squarely at the epicenter of one of Florida's fastest growing and most desirable regions. One of the surest barometers of that growth and desirability is the parallel expansion of Michael Saunders & Company® during the same period. In 1995, the company enjoyed annual sales volume of just over $274 million. Ten years later that volume had increased eleven-fold, rocketing upward to the tune of $3.07 billion.

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