The Ink-Jet Printable "Un-Vinyl"

•Repositionable, removable adhesive.
•"It cut's like butter!!"
•Prints beautiful, vibrant colors.
•Sticks to almost any surface.
•Cuts with any personal die cutting machine including Silhouette, Cricut, Cuttable, Sizzix among others...or just use scissors.
•Use for any crafting project, wall decor, gadget decor, DIY project, lockers and much much more.
•Will remove without any residue.

Just 3 easy steps

1. Print
2. Cut
3. Apply

SQ1PRINTABLES is one of the most innovative products on the market. Been looking for printable vinyl...well you have found the printable UN-VINYL. Prints in vibrant colors, great clarity and more durable than vinyl. Versatile for all your crafting, DIY, home decor and gadget decor projects.