Staff Support & Safe Environment

Staff Support For A Safe Environment

In addition to the Clinical Life Coaches, Pacia Puerto Rico faculty are a diverse group that form a support team around a student to provide our students with the tools necessary to purse their goals and interests.

This team consists of Executive Director, and a full faculty providing Academic support and guidance, Medical support and wellness education, Vocational and Career coaching, Language instruction and support, and water activities instruction and activities. Professional Mentors live in with the students and provide assistance in life skills, individual goals, and emotional and behavioral support. This is a safe environment where everyone participates in the running of the program.

Pacia Puerto Rico promotes a supportive and mindful community that avoids judgments and focuses on the present to better prepare for the future we each envision. Students agree to a set of Community Agreements as part of the admissions process that emphasize respect for ourself and others as unique, confidentiality, practicing non-judgmental listening and sharing, practicing being present with others, recognizing the choice between peace and conflict (between love and fear), and assisting one another in finding our own best answers.