Personal Growth

Personal growth involves instruction and experiences in the following areas:

  • Personal Growth – You are encouraged to continue personal development by practicing creative expression through poetry or creative writing, music, art and by pursuing personal interests or hobbies.

  • Spiritual Strength – Spiritual strength is encouraged through whatever form that takes for you personally. This may include attending your chosen place of worship, personal readings or other materials. Students also engage in daily yoga classes and evening community gatherings for sunset reflections, affirmations, and readings. In addition, you are encouraged to keep a daily journal as we feel journaling is an extremely valuable tool for self-reflection.

  • Interpersonal Relationships – You are assisted in developing a sense of who you are in relation to yourself and in relation to others—peers, friends, family, employers, teachers and others in positions of authority. Effective communication styles and active listening skills are explored and practiced.

  • Social and Coping Skills – Effective coping with life demands that you use a variety of tools, skills, and behaviors. You will be guided in the examination of your coping behavior and help identify, learn and practice new skills to enhance your repertoire. Using and developing appropriate social support is an effective coping tool.