Pacia Puerto Rico Facilities

The Ensenada House

Our students work and live together in The Ensenada House. This beautiful 6 bedroom, 2 bathroom house has 2 kitchens and many common rooms, as well as patios and an outdoor activity room. It is 3 blocks from the beach and 4 blocks from the central plaza in Rincon, Puerto Rico.
We have 8 beds for students in the Tier 1 and 2 of the program and these students live, eat and work together, offering each other support and taking responsibility for all of the components requires to maintain a successful household.
There are also additional apartments with live-in staff supervision for students who are participating in the optional independent living phase of the program, in preparation for their transition to a successful college or career experience.

The Education Center

The Education Center is adjacent to the Ensenada House, where the students live. This spacious building provides our students and staff with dedicated classrooms, conference rooms, student lounge and an art studio. There is a full kitchen and the entire building is air conditioned and has high speed wi-fi access.
Students come to the Education Center every weekday for their academic block between noon and 6pm and work on their coursework individually or in groups with plenty of one on one assistance and direction from our academic coordinator. The Education Center is also available during leisure periods and many students choose to continue their academic progress during these times.
We have has considerable success in helping students with accelerated credit recovery and have several distance learning options available including AP classes and access to college advisers.
We also can award credits for participation in many recreational activities that are already a part of the program.