Pacia Puerto Rico Experience

At Pacia Life Puerto Rico (Surf House), we are ambitiously determined to push our emerging young adults forward by empowering each of them to have sustainable self-reliance in all areas of their lives. This includes everything from setting the foundation to live in financial abundance, healthy relationships, personal well-being, to sustainable emotional regulation, strong executive functioning, grit, resilience, problem-solving skills and personal life mapping techniques.

Pacia Life Puerto Rico uses the proven Tatori Method. A system to achieve extraordinary living, the Tatori method is an experiential, real-life, transformational process of personal growth, mindfulness, life mapping, personal entrepreneurship, financial self-reliance, well-being and personal health.

Students Learn to make The Grand Dream, The Grand Lens, The Grand Dance and The Grand Mirror work for themselves as they move through Tier 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Pacia Life Puerto Rico provides self-improvement through real life situations. We “embrace the learning process of messy”. While we offer some of the most up to date research based education for this mobile generation, we also have clinical life coaches that go through the real life applications with each of our young adults. While we do provide guidance and structure in the early stages, our goal is to find the intrinsic motivators and habits within each individual to achieve sustainable self-reliance.

Pacia Life coaches and mentors understand the difficulty of current and past challenges. Many of these difficulties may even linger for years to come. But amongst these personal challenges, we also know there are dreams and aspirations instilled within each of us. We just need to be encouraged to unleash that potential, tap into our strengths, get rid of ‘thinking errors’ and other habits that have been creating limiting beliefs within us. As we take the daily steps necessary to apply real life education into daily habits, we can pursue our dreams and adopt a powerful mindset that unlocks a life that we are truly capable of living.

Specifically, the Pacia Life Puerto Rico experience is designed to help students in:

  • Developing an identity of self-acceptance, high esteem, and confidence;

  • Building personal and social competencies necessary to define beliefs and values, set goals, solve problems, good judgment, and live responsibly;

  • Planning effectively for a career of choice by understanding the aptitude, education, training and life experiences that a career will require;

  • Managing financial and material resources to ensure independence and a healthy, safe personal environment;

  • Investing in rich and varied interpersonal relationships with family, friends, partners, co-workers, and neighbors;

  • Practicing good citizenship through community participation, volunteerism, and fulfillment of civic duties;

  • Maintaining health through balanced nutrition, an active lifestyle and preventative medical care;

  • Utilizing leisure time constructively, free of unreasonable peer influences.

Pacia Life Puerto Rico provides academic credit reclamation for students who need to finish high school or strengthen basic skills prior to tackling college. For those students who already have a high school diploma, access to college courses or career skill development is available and highly encouraged. All students receive individual academic coaching focused on academic planning, executive function skill development and application, and empowering life-long learners.

Although students enjoy the sun and surf or paddleboard regularly, skill building and career readiness are an important part of each day, both in the home and community. Our dedicated team supports students in developing personal independent living skills that encourage emotional maturation. A supportive peer group and experiential activities promote introspection and build confidence. Education, life coaching, language and cultural studies, and individual career exploration are provided each week.

Following completion of the first two focuses of their journey, students are required to engage in more community-based activities by participating in work-study opportunities with local businesses. The active Rincón community offers numerous cultural activities including parades and festivals and boasts one of the largest stand-up paddleboard races in the Caribbean. Within this culturally rich region, Pacia Puerto Rico offers a diverse array of daily activities and community-based events.