Student Life

Surfhouse Puerto Rico’s wellness program serves as the cornerstone of student life, providing students with opportunities for personal growth and spiritual development, focusing on interpersonal relationships, health and self-care, recreation and constructive leisure activities. Through this unique program, students learn to take responsibility for their life path, build and sustain healthy relationships, work independently and as team members, engage life as a grand adventure, and balance hard work with re-invigorating play and relaxation.

Student life initiatives are carefully planned to provide students with an appropriate balance of hands-on experiential learning, personal growth and leadership challenges. Through individual and group initiatives, students experience the joy of active “giving while striving for attainable and responsible goals in their own life.

Surfhouse Puerto Rico’s Student Life program provides enrichment opportunities through the student’s active participation in managing their own community, weekend adventures, thematic personal growth curriculum, leadership activities, structured recreation and leisure time, cultural and entrepreneurial programs. The integrated curriculum is designed to identify and nurture what is intrinsically healthy, creative, productive, and life affirming in young adults.