Leisure Activities

Enriching Recreation, Structured Leisure Time and Community Engagement

Healthy play is a critical life skill and one that many young adults have not mastered. Pacia Puerto Rico seeks to create a community in which students and staff mentors play side by side. Our recreation and outdoor adventure activities are designed to provide opportunities to laugh, learn, relate, and have fun. Students are encouraged to try new things, and to share their own areas of strength or passion with other students and staff mentors.

One focus of learning to live a balanced life is learning to manage your “free time in a manner that encourages continued development of creative expression and hobbies, the pursuit of new interests, and on-going personal growth and spiritual strength. We understand that it is often a person’s unbridled play or unstructured free time that presents the greatest challenge when living independently. This is the part of the day that is often influenced by peers, requiring strong self-management skills. It is easy to fall back into old patterns, become depressed, or experience a relapse in recovery efforts.

The weekly program schedule includes “personal time” periods. These time blocks offer you the opportunity to engage in productive activities during your leisure time. Activities may include creative projects, athletic or fitness pursuits, creative expression, hobbies or recreational activities. A balance between individual or solitary pursuits and group or social activities is preferred. It is best if these activities are varied—too much of a good thing is not necessarily a good thing, absence of a good thing certainly is not a good thing—and enriching to your overall personal growth. Periodically the entire community gathers to share creative expression activities with the group. This may include poetry or creative writing readings, clay sculptures, acoustic musical or vocal performances, or an exhibit of drawings, sketches, or paintings.

In addition to achieving recognition for creative expression, these “performances” strengthen public speaking skills and performance confidence before a group. Occasionally, these evening sessions may include local poets, artists or musicians who willing share their styles and cultural perspectives with residents.