Pacia Puerto Rico utilizes the Tatori System combined with Clinically Informed Life Coaching℠. We use this model to help you bridge the gap from your current situation to the responsibilities of young adulthood or “the startup years”. Life coaching, offered by trained professionals, is a powerful process that supports young people in releasing their true potential and in making changes in their lives. Clinically Informed Life Coaching℠ focuses on the future, identifying and developing possibilities, taking action, building skills, increasing confidence and creating a vision of the future.
At Pacia Life, we strive to come up with new life maps that will ultimately render old behaviors that
no longer serve us, obsolete.
Life Coach Randy Oakley states that we stand by the philosophy of Buckminster Fuller, who taught this truth:


Through the Tatori Vision, Lens, Dance, and Mirror, we learn a solution focused and systematic way of approaching our goals, dreams, and challenges. Change is accelerated, life mapping is hacked, education is holistic and extraordinary living becomes even more possible for each of us who learn to execute the principals and task.
Upon enrolling in Pacia Puerto Rico, you quickly learn you are not here to get “fixed” but to get moving. We understand that times are confusing, that you may be overwhelmed, angry, anxious, fearful, or untrusting of what the future may hold, but the caring team of Pacia Puerto Rico life coaches, mentors and teachers are ready to listen, recommend, guide and assist you in discovering who you are and how to live the life you really want to live.
Coaching is the “glue” that holds your life map together and ensures that it comes to life. You are not alone on this journey. A Life Coach works with you as a co-creator, forming a partnership in which the Coach guides the process, but you are responsible for the results. Your personal work is forwarded through action, talents, strengths, behaviors, and insight into personal growth. The goal for the Life Coach is to help you find your own “inner coach” or voice that will serve you long after leaving the Pacia Puerto Rico—to help YOU, in effect, become the “expert” in YOUR OWN LIFE. A strong support team composed of your Life Coach/Counselor, Staff Mentors, family members, and an extended network of educational, medical and mental health professionals, are available to support your efforts. While we insist that you remain firmly in the driver’s seat of your life plan, we want you to know you have a co-pilot and navigator in your Life Coach/Counselor and a full “pit crew” ready to support, provide knowledge and training, or offer wisdom in the form of advice, as needed.


Facilitated by Staff Mentors, group processing sessions are held as needed to settle problems, provide peer feedback, or review an individual’s progress. When a student has a problem, it is dealt with in the immediate context and with the help of the group. Group members may be affected and therefore have a stake in the resolution of the problem. This is a time for students to practice assertive communication, speak honestly and respectfully, listen to feedback, and recognize and share emotions.
Whether offering or receiving feedback, this challenging process assists you in better understanding your interpersonal relationships and the impact your behavior and emotions have on others. It is through the repeated use of this group process that you will develop the greatest insight into your own behavior.

Some students may have been involved in drug and alcohol use or other addictive behaviors to the point that their use became a problem, impacting school performance, relationships with family, and responsible functioning in the community. In some cases, students have sought treatment for these struggles. While Pacia Puerto Rico is not a substance abuse treatment program, we provide relapse prevention coaching and recovery processes to help these students utilize personal strengths and support resources to avoid falling back into problem behavioral patterns. While some students focus on maintaining sobriety beyond the support of a therapeutic setting, others may need to address other addictive patterns, including spending, gambling, and electronic gaming.
Pacia Puerto Rico utilizes resources in the Rincon community to expose students to the potential benefits of Alcoholics or Narcotics Anonymous and other self-help groups. If you are recovering from drug or alcohol abuse, we will support you in managing your recovery and help you identify community-based support groups or other resources.