Clinical Life Coaches

The Clinical Life Coaches at Pacia Puerto Rico are experienced in working with adolescents and young adults. Seasoned Life Coach, Randy Oakley states, “Today’s young adults are not looking to parents and leaders to get information. They perceive that they have access to every bit of information imaginable via their cell phone. Different than generations past, they are learning on a ‘need to know’ basis. However, they are seeking strong relationships with authentic mentors who can guide them to get what they want. To live their dreams. Their basis for making decisions is more relational than logical. Today’s young adults are not looking for leaders. They are looking for mentors and coaches.”

Using the Tatori Method, our Coaches work individually with each student in scheduled weekly meetings to discuss progress and challenges of the week. Discussion can also address on individual issues that prevent progress, improving communication with family members, difficulties in interactions with peers, problem behaviors, or other topics. Coaching focuses on strengths-based solutions that help the individual student reach his or her goals.

Clinical Life Coaches have established office hours so that any student may “check in” as needed when confronted with challenges.

Many of the Life Coaches participate in activities with students such as surfing, diving, attending college classes or exercise, in addition to group meetings and community activities.

See a complete list of Clinical Life Coaches, please see Our Team.