Regardless of who “found” Pacia Puerto Rico—the young adult needing assistance in transitioning to independence, the parents of that young adult, or an educational consultant or other professional assisting the family—it is important that you have shared the information on our website and engaged in a substantive conversation about what we offer and what is needed. Enrolling in Pacia Puerto Rico is voluntary and requires a team effort on the part of the family, so it is important that both the student and his or her parents are in agreement about participation in the program. Our Admissions Counselors are always available to answer any questions and pre-enrollment visits are welcomed.


Pacia Puerto Rico accepts new students throughout the year. Parents and student are asked to submit an online application providing complete information required to screen the applicant for enrollment and providing authorization for release of information by counseling professionals, prior placements, and schools or academic institutions. There is also a Student Application Supplement that must be completed by the student, providing information on how the student views his current functioning and situation, motivation for improving that situation, and goals for the future. The Admissions Committee reviews decisions regarding admission after gathering a completed application and information from professionals or teachers that have worked with the student in the past. We welcome visits to Pacia Puerto Rico prior to enrollment to assist you in making a decision.

To clarify questions about the application process or speak with someone in more detail, please call 385.200.0799 or email You can also go to our online application here.


Upon receipt of the online application and all records from prior educational and treatment providers, the Admissions Counselor reviews the information to ensure the application is complete. Following this preliminary review, the applicant’s information is presented to the Admissions Committee for discussion and determination of appropriateness for admission. If the student appears to be an appropriate candidate for Pacia Puerto Rico, he is asked to complete and submit the Student Application Supplement. Separate telephone and/or Skype interviews are then conducted with the student’s parents and with the student. This allows the Admissions Counselor to get to know the family a little better and confirm that the student appears to be a good fit for Pacia Puerto Rico. It also ensures that the parents and student have an opportunity to ask questions about the program and expectations for participation.
Following these interviews, an admissions decision is made and plans are finalized for the enrollment. This includes completion of an enrollment packet containing enrollment contract, consents and releases, medical insurance documentation, and verification of travel arrangements. Final acceptance for enrollment is granted upon satisfactory completion of all pre-enrollment paperwork. All students must enroll voluntarily and must agree to participate and be committed for at least 90 days in all aspects of the program.


While not required, the student and parents are always welcome to visit the program prior to enrollment. If in doubt about whether Pacia Puerto Rico is the right place for the young adult, the best way to find out is to visit, tour the facility and meet the team who you will be working with.