“We help make purpose-driven organizations successful by engaging, educating and rewarding their employees and associates to generate more money to support their important causes.”

Over 4000 organizations, many Fortune 500 and then some, use our Proprietary and Patented Enterprise Solutions. Additionally, our team of professionals have recruited more than 4 million new members for hundreds of organizations resulting in billions of dollars in lifetime revenue. We are dedicated to your mission of recruiting, inspiring, educating, rewarding and engaging those who matter most to your valuable initiatives. In the spirit of corporate social responsibility, we focus our expertise on purpose-driven organizations like nonprofit charities and the healthcare industry as it relates to the patient experience.

We will work closely with you and help you to realize improved fund raising, patient experience, quality and safety goals that are clearly achievable and help provide the fresh ideas and tools that enable and facilitate a pathway for sustainable success and positive behavioral change that includes all of your mission critical stakeholders.

"Artisan Marketing Group founders Patrick Quan and David Kimmelman"