“Artisan Marketing Group assists hospitals in improving their patient’s experiences while in their care which raises their HCAHPS scores, enhances their brand and increases profitability.”   

Patient Experience

A shift has occurred in the healthcare industry that has empowered patients experiences to affect the hospitals public image and bottom line. According to new research, the patient experience is one of the top three priorities of hospital leaders over the next three years. Hospitals are people-centric and now is the time to refocus on the person at the center of care. Many organizations struggle to understand what patient-centered care truly means, and how to achieve it. All roles are integral and important in the patient journey: from the arrivals parking attendant, to the CEO and clinical staff, including environmental services and discharge clerks. In a recent article by Thomas H. Lee, MD, * Lee reveals two critical factors relevant to patient experience. The first that there is a positive correlation between better patient experience and quality outcomes, and the second that the common factor driving better performance is culture. To thrive in a quality-based payment environment where consumer’s assessments have financial consequences, you must address the potential disconnect between executives and key stakeholders. Employees, your most valuable resource, are now more than ever your brand ambassadors which means the hospitals job is to be a culture maker and transform the culture.

Artisan Marketing Group provides the tools that help hospitals build a positive culture one good deed at a time. Our programs recognize, motivate and develop talent and organizations like the Cleveland Clinic have increased HCAHPS scores by shifting their focus to employee recognition and engagement. The healthcare industry has been disrupted and your patient’s experience is now the driving force in that change. If  you want to create a positive culture, enhance your patient’s experience, improve your brand and maximize your reimbursements please contact us for a consultation.


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2 Source: How U.S. Health Care Got Safer by Focusing on the Patient Experience