“We provide associations and nonprofits expert guidance on growing and retaining membership through strategic thinking, in-depth research and proven programs to help them raise money and awareness to their important programs.”

Direct Response Marketing

The first of the biggest challenges for nonprofit organizations identified by the Nonprofit Hub is engaging and retaining donors. Nonprofits need to keep donors engaged by letting them know they’re and integral part of the organizations team. Honoring those who have invested in your nonprofit organization will keep contributors interested and let them know they are appreciated. Also letting donors know where their money is used will help you cultivate future donations and support. Donors who feel included are much more likely to give to your organization. Remembering to express your gratitude to those who support you keeps you on their radar.

Creating a sustainable business model is the second biggest challenge identified by Nonprofit Hub which can be exasperated if your organization is struggling financially. Truth is, nonprofit organizations are in “sales”.

The third biggest challenge identified by the Nonprofit Hub is having enough resources. Having the right resources in place at the right time can make all the difference. Resources and teaming up with key partnerships helps to guide your collective focus and achieve your overarching mission.

Our team is asked to step in when membership organizations have too little expertise causing stalled membership growth. We reassess programs and together we find solutions. Small or very busy staffs are often too busy to pay proper attention to the need for membership programs that deliver growth.

We assign each client a team equivalent to a full-time marketing department to manage branding, research strategy, creative development, graphic design, production and results analysis. We leave nothing to chance. We help you develop a “membership lifecycle” that includes a five step marketing model that identifies the fundamental building blocks of sustainable membership growth.

Awareness – when prospects first discover you.

Recruitment – when prospects choose to try you.

Renewal – when lapsing members decide whether to keep you.

Reinstatement – when former members agree to return to you.

Recognizing our clients membership life cycle has proven effective for designing customized membership growth strategies and solutions. Our numbers speak to our success. Artisan Marketing Group’s team of professionals have recruited more than 4 million new members for hundreds of organizations resulting in billions of dollars in lifetime revenue. We bring incomparable expertise to every aspect of membership marketing: direct response, research, data analytics, data management, creative, production management, media services, and account management and servicing. For more information please contact us