Brand Portal


The Brand Portal allows everyone on your team to tap into the collective creativity and buying power of your entire organization (and if you want to, our entire buyer network).

Our patented tool GroupBuy started with a basic idea — the more you buy, the more you save.  This application allows you to take advantage of the fact that the cost of branded merchandise goes down as the quantity ordered goes up.  GroupBuy helps you aggregate your orders inside your organization, and if you choose across other organizations, for maximum savings.   

The Buyer Portal allows your purchasers to collaborate with others by sharing ideas and best practices.  Your team can create collections of products that have proven to work well, so that other team members can learn and replicate what works, rather than reinventing the wheel all over again.


Find & Share Products
Browse through 1,000s of products for ideas on your next event and save your favorites to idea books. Share best practices with team members by creating idea books for specific events, promotions, and target audiences.
See What Others Are Buying
See what others in your organization are buying or see what others in your industry or in your position are buying. Learn from other buyer’s comments to see what worked and what didn’t.
Buy Together - Save Together
The more that participate, the lower the price for everyone. You can leverage the collective buying power of the group and still customize the artwork to your needs.
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