Sponsored Athlete

Tony Trammell

Being a professional martial artist working out takes a toll on my body. I noticed that teaching and training with my students had become more difficult. I would tire from things that were done with ease when I was younger. Even maintaining a strict diet was not enough. Thanks to Revive Vitality I am able to train multiple times a day without getting fatigued. I am able to focus more on teaching and to achieve my goals competing. The recover and endurance prepared me to be ready for the day. I noticed results immediately! Thank you Mark and the team at Revive Vitality for all you do in helping me keep sharp.

Tony Trammell, began his Martial Arts journey with Relson Gracie, second eldest son of one of the two co-founders of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; Helio Gracie. While training under Relson, Tony learned traditional Gracie Self-Defense as well as competition style Jiu Jitsu. Since his journey began, Tony has competed in more than 50 tournaments and has received numerous medals. Tony Holds the rank of Brown belt under Professor Bruno "Tank" Mendes and is his lead assistant instructor at the Soul Fighters Texas academy. While under the training of Tank, Tony began to form a team in North Dallas which would later be known as Corvo Martial Arts. Tony is the head Gi instructor at Corvo Martial Arts for both kids and adults. He still focuses on the self-defense tactics while adding his own details for students who want to compete. When he's not competing, Tony spends 6 days a week teaching at the two Corvo Martial Arts locations. On average Tony trains Jiu Jitsu twice a day in order to keep his skills sharp. His goal for 2018 is to compete as much as possible, grow both academies and become a world champion.