Is there a standard visitation schedule?

A common question from many divorcing parents is whether there is a standard visitation schedule. The short answer is no. But, let's work backwards and start with the language of this question before we dive deeper.

Courts do not refer to time with either parent as "visitation" any longer. Instead, it is now referred to as "parenting time". This change reflects the presumption of the Court that it is in the best interests of the child(ren) to have both parents actively involved in parenting the child(ren) whenever possible. As a result, when possible it is actually preferable that the parents equally share parenting time. What does this tell you? Aside from splitting parenting time evenly bet...

Yours? Mine? Ours? : How is property divided in a divorce?


If you are thinking about a divorce or have filed, one common question is how and what will be split up? In New York, determining how all property and assets will be divided between you and your spouse is a process called "equitable distribution". It is important to note that "equitable distribution" does not mean equally or a 50/50 split; instead, equitable distribution means a fair and just split of all assets.

Okay, so how does this equitable distribution thing work? Well, here's three simple steps you can expect during your divorce:

Step 1. Both spouses will have to make full and complete financial disclosure of all assets, including real property, personal property, retirement accounts...

Key Divorce Mistakes to Avoid

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So you’ve been served with divorce papers or have just filed for divorce. What can you do now? Well, for starters, you should have received enough information from your attorney about what to expect from the divorce process itself. However, understanding the divorce process does not explain what you should do, or in this case shouldn't do, on day-to-day interactions with your future former spouse. Here are my top five mistakes you should avoid during your divorce.

1. My Friend Said: While all citizens of the United States are considered...