Something Savory and Something Sweet

You have requested it time after time and now it's finally done - our new Italian Buffet Menu is finally complete! We don't know what took us so long to post this menu, but no more noodling around for us! Once again, we've taken all of your feedback into account and put together some great packages that would be perfect for any event. Although our action stations are a lot of fun and always get rave reviews, sometimes time constraints, venue limitations, or simply personal preferences make a traditional buffet a better option. We offer a great variety of menu options to choose from, so we have no doubt that you'll find all of your favorite Italian dishes on it!

And what could be better than a fabulous meal? A decadently delicious dessert, of course! If your sweet tooth demands to be satisfied at the end of a meal, then look no further than our light and luscious Panna Cotta. We're offering a variety of flavors which may change seasonally, so make sure to check out the dessert menu while you're visiting the site.

We promised that we'd be bringing you many new menu options in our January post and so far, we're keeping that promise. As always, Mr. Pasta Catering is dedicated to delivering fun, flavor, and quality every time we serve you, so we hope that you love what you see and keep us in mind for your next event!


Mocha Panna Cotta dusted with cocoa.