Our Story

Some of you may be wondering what's the story behind Mr. Pasta Catering. Let me begin by introducing myself. My name is Karina Rizzo and I've been the Owner and Executive Chef at Mr. Pasta Catering since 2012. For those who might be curious, I've shared a little about my personal background in the About page on this site. This company was established in 2008 and quickly became a hit in Miami under its previous ownership. The novelty of having a great Italian meal prepared right on site was definitely a concept this city was craving!

The original owner, Carlos, did a great job of getting Mr. Pasta on the map and building an excellent reputation for us, but he eventually decided to pursue another passion and the opportunity to take over this budding, yet promising, business became available. At the time, I had a business producing and selling a variety of over 30 unique homemade artisan pasta sauces, antipasti, and soups at local farmer's markets and was doing well with a loyal following. It was an excellent opportunity to meet my customers face to face and really get their feedback about what they loved about our products in order to continue refining our recipes until we had the perfect ones.

So when the opportunity to acquire Mr. Pasta came around I jumped at the opportunity! It was a match made in heaven because let's face it, if there was one thing I knew, it was pasta! Although I had the cooking aspect of this business in the bag, Carlos took the time to teach me a little something about showmanship when it came to setting up live events. Naturally, I put a woman's touch into it and enhanced the services, but he truly made it look easy and with his guidance, it became second nature. Fortunately, several of the of the original staff members stayed on board and I'm proud to say that some are still working with us today.

At this point, some of you might be wondering why I haven't changed the company's name to Mrs. Pasta (I get this a lot), since Mr. Pasta Catering is actually owned and operated by a woman! There actually are a few good

Vincenzo Rizzo

reasons for holding on to the 'mister', though. For starters, as I mentioned before, this company has been building its good name since 2008, so why fix it if it ain't broke? Secondly, as far as I'm concerned my dad, Enzo (pictured on the right), is Mr. Pasta and I learned everything I could possibly want to know about Italian food from him (you'll understand if you've read my bio). And finally, because we all know that behind every successful man there's always a GREAT woman!

Whenever a business goes under 'new management', there will always be changes, but it was important that no matter what changes we made that the heart and soul of Mr. Pasta remained intact. It was originally created to provide a fresh, wholesome, clean, and delicious meal in a way that was fun, novel, interactive, and entertaining - and that's precisely what we've continued doing since taking over in 2012.

At the time I acquired this business, local economic conditions demanded that we make a few adjustments to our services in order to remain competitive in our industry. Our customers had really tightened their belts and budgets were stretched to the max, but they still wanted to be able to celebrate special occasions with something delicious. For this reason, we introduced our popular packages that are designed for people to be able to enjoy a great Italian meal, while still having the option to serve themselves and save. For those who wanted to splurge a little more, rather than simply serve pre-selected pasta dishes to their guests, we created a Pasta Station where guests could have our Chefs cook each individual meal to order with their favorite ingredients as they watched! We've had rave reviews about this service, but we couldn't go wrong when each person is literally getting a personalized meal prepared exactly the way they like it! Now THIS is what I'd call a win-win!

Through the miracle of time travel - just kidding - I can write this blog in 2017 and reflect on our growth, where we've soared, and where we've tripped over the past few years. Those of you who have worked with us probably know that we're a small company and we've been able to remain in business competing with giants because of YOU! We don't have thousands of dollars to invest in sophisticated marketing campaigns, so we can honestly say that at least 80% of our business up to this moment has come from you and your referrals and we can thank Google and luck for the remaining 20%. We are grateful for your loyalty and for trusting us with your friends and family because we know that when you refer our business to someone you care about, you're entrusting your good reputation to us, and we're not only honored by that gesture, but we take it very seriously.

There are many great catering companies out there, but what sets us apart is that not only are we eager to please our clients, we strive to maintain a personal relationship with you. My staff and I urge you to share your feedback with us so that we always know what thrilled you and what we could improve to ensure that we knock your socks off the next time around. Another important aspect of our service is that at Mr. Pasta Catering, we're really cooking! If you were to stop by our kitchen, you'll probably be welcomed by the enticing aroma of one of our many sauces simmering away on the stove. We don't offer frozen packaged foods or things you can pour out of a jar on our menu because that's not what you're hiring us for. You're hiring us because you want an authentic, fresh, wholesome, and delicious Italian meal made from scratch and that's exactly what you're going to get!

I hope that sharing a little bit of our story has given you some insight into who we are and what we're about. One of my resolutions this year is to consistently stay connected with you throughout the year. Just because we're a small company doesn't mean we don't have a lot to offer and we really want to show you everything we can do and what we're up to. We sincerely want to deliver the best catering experience possible, whether we're delivering spaghetti & homemade meatballs for your kid's birthday party or serving an elegant Risotto Station to celebrate your 25th wedding anniversary. I'm realistic and understand that there will be occasions that you're craving some BBQ, a great pig roast, or a big sushi boat, and Mr. Pasta Catering won't be your ideal choice, but when you're thinking about great Italian food, I hope we'll always be your first choice!