1. How do I create a contact within the Forgotcha® App:

Tap Phone Book, then tap the + button in the top-right corner. Tap Keypad, enter a phone number, then tap Add to Contacts.

2. What is “New & Edit Contacts”?

This feature shows you all the Contacts you have Added or Edited since you have downloaded Forgotcha® app in reverse chronological order. This is a detailed activity log that shows you the Name of the contact, Time and Date it was edited and the field within the contact that was edited. If it is a new contact, it will simply say contact added. The blue color icon will allow you the see the location or address where you were when you added or edited the contact.

3. What does the blue icon on the New and Edited screen?

The blue color icon is a location pin-drop. When present in any of the screens associated to contact, means that it has recorded the location when the contact was edited or added.

4. Do I have to have the Forgotcha® App running in the background at all times?

Yes, so that we can accurately monitor your phone book activity and save it for you. This also allows you to continue using the iPhone phone book that you are used to.

5. Will it drain my battery to keep the app running in the background?

The usage of battery while the app is running in the background is minimal since the app is performance enhanced.

6. How do I search for a contact by date?

One way is to go to new and edited contacts, where you can scroll down in by reverse chronological order.

The other way is to go the search contacts field and enter the date. Use the MM/DD/YY format. For example July 5, 2016 would be 07/05/16.

7. How do I search for a contact by location?

We recommend that you start by typing in the full address, the search results will automatically populate. You can also search by the city or street name. The activity log keeps a detailed log of the location to make finding your contacts easier for you.

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