About Us

The Forgotcha® App has gotcha covered! No need to ever worry about losing or deleting that business contact or special friend's number again. Forgotcha® App is here and changing the way you organize, use and save your contacts Forever...

* Tired of losing that important business contact you worked so hard to acquire? No need to panic, with the Forgotcha® App you automatically save all of your contacts by the date it was entered or the location.

* Accidentally delete a contact? Effortlessly restore deleted contacts!

* Met a pretty girl or hot guy last night and got their number? Awesome! Had one too many drinks and forgot their name? Not Awesome! Don't worry, the Forgotcha® App has your back! You can search your contacts by time, date and location! Never miss the chance for love (eternal or one night) or friendship again!

Please allow background location services for the

Forgotcha® App to capture your precise location whenever you add / edit / delete any contacts for your personal activity log. The Forgotcha® App will also allow you to search any contacts by location, if you allow location services


"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life."

A portion of all profits generated by Forgotcha, Inc are used to finance the LEAP Foundation; a non-profit education foundation that annually organizes a youth leadership program at UCLA for hundreds of students age 15-25 from across the globe for a week-long program dedicated to helping young adults uncover the “real-life” skills needed to achieve great success.