Better Body's private personal training is the fastest most efficient way to reach your fitness goals and then bring your body to the next level. 

Better Body works at a smooth steady, yet consistent pace to bring your body into prime shape. Every session will consist of repetition and progress. Your body will be pushed harder a little bit harder every session. As I get to know your body I will design a personal workout regimen that is specific to your body type and needs. Secondly, but just as important is the individual food assistance that you will receive from Better Body. We believe in a simple clean eating style that is NEVER a diet. Throughout the week you will be asked to report your meal to me via email. This will hold you accountable and keep your mind on a healthy track. As long as you are a member of Better Body the lines of communication will be open, ask us anything!  The combination of a healthy clean diet, targeted workouts and round the clock support you will receive from Better Body will leave you with nothing but results!