Better Body's private personal training is the fastest most efficient way to reach your fitness goals and then bring your body to the next level.
Better Body works at a smooth steady, yet consistent pace to bring your body into prime shape. Every session will consist of repetition and progress. Your body will be pushed a little bit harder every session. As we get to know your body we will design a personal workout regimen that is specific to your body type and needs. Secondly, but just as important is the individual food assistance that you will receive from Better Body. We believe in a simple clean eating style that is NEVER a diet. Throughout the week you will be asked to report your meal to me via email. This will hold you accountable and keep your mind on a healthy track. As long as you are a member of Better Body the lines of communication will be open, ask us anything! The combination of a healthy clean nutrition plan, targeted workouts and round the clock support you will receive from Better Body will leave you with nothing but results!



$65/session, available only in 4 and 6 packs.

Better Body offers semi private training, which is one-on-one style training in a group of three people maximum. Participants will be placed in a group according to their fitness levels. This is a step above our boot camp classes because the smaller group setting allows for more customized workout routines and focused attention. You will also receive workouts to do at home and follow up calls making sure that everyone stays on track.



$30 per class, $199 Unlimited Monthly Pass

Early morning Boot Camp is a cross fit class that meets three times a week and is meant to build muscle and making lean sexy bodies! Boot campers will use their own body weight, barbells, TRX, boxing drills, tires, ropes and weighted balls during camp.


All cancellations must be received at least 12 hours before your training session in order to avoid being charged for your session. Clients will forfeit the scheduled session if given less than 12 hours notice. Please contact Tina or I (


Better Body has a no refund policy.


Better Body will not release any identifying medical or personal information that we have collected from you.

Late Payments:

Payments are due by the date stated on the invoice; a $25 fee will be applied to all late payments. If you have an issue with your due date please feel free to reach out.


Better Body wants to reward our clients that refer new customers with a one-on-one session or a credit towards your monthly fees.



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Phone. 650-787-4339